5 Coworking Myths Busted!

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The emergence of coworking took off in the late 1990s among the tech crowd. However, it fell flat as new media rose. It was only around 2005, that the concept of coworking was revived as we know it today, where employees have the community environment of an office and the liberty of a freelancer. Even then, there are many misconceptions about this entire notion of being in a coworking space. So we thought of discussing and tackling the usual myths about coworking to explain how much it has changed. Read along to know what they are:

Myth 1: “Coworking is Equal to ‘Shared Office’ Space”

Coworking solves many problems which shared space doesn’t. Coworking is typically launched by an organization that is dedicated to coordinating workspaces. Only the internal community is in focus along with providing a platform to boost networking. So basically, you’re not just saving on rent, but you’re also able to build connections. It also helps you construct a better community around your ideas. Being amongst others with a different outlook, skills and backgrounds work well to get the creative juices flowing. This is far more productive than the capacity of working individually in a single office space.

Myth 2: “Coworking is Only for Freelancers & Techies”

It’s true that coworking is dominated by the usual start up crowd, freelancers and web designers. Coworking also seems to be more suited for smaller companies. Nonetheless, with the rise of flexible working professionals, big corporations are also seeing the benefits of working in a coworking space. The point is that you could work for a big corporation and still be independent.

Myth 3: “Coworking is a Metro Culture”

Although it’s a norm to think coworking is a misfit for small towns, it is actually a better option there. Small towns and rural businesses often miss out on access to a community of entrepreneurs and the reliability of resources that a metropolitan city usually enjoys. By bringing coworking to smaller towns, these gaps can be filled.

Myth 4: “Coworking Spaces are Chaotic & Distracting”

In some cases, it can be hard to adjust with the hustle and bustle in an open office environment. There will be laughter, soft chatters, loud phone conversations and many such distractions around, but remember everyone is there for the same reason – to get the work done. Additionally, many people are under the delusion that working is nearly impossible due to the distractions. Interestingly, that extra buzz is believed to be important in terms of finding new opportunities. But everyone is different, so if this doesn’t work for you, you can always bring your headphones along. There are many solutions to this simple problem. Only when you are open to how the business operates, you will be able to produce creativity. After all, they say, “You can grow only when you are able to work out of your comfort zone.”

Myth 5: “Collaborating with Other Coworking Members Necessary”

It is true that collaboration is one of the core ethics of coworking, and you don’t get to choose who else occupies the same coworking space with you. It may be that you are not interested or uncomfortable collaborating with the other members, but that is absolutely fine. There is no hard and fast rule to it. You can have your freedom or privacy if you’d rather be on your own. No one is going to force you or judge you for not having to cooperate with them. It’s for you to decide whom you want to work with.

Coworking does not mean an open plan office only, it’s about sharing real estate and about working together to a common goal, engaging and helping each other on a common platform.

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