About Us

About Us

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Story Behind The Name 'iKeva'

Our logo is made up of three elements: the blossoming lotus, the name ‘iKeva,’ and the tagline, ‘Here you build your future.’ In Sanskrit, the word Keva means lotus, a symbol traditionally associated with knowledge, learning, mindfulness, and wisdom. The ‘i’ in iKeva refers to the individual who enters our community for the purpose of expanding and sharing knowledge. And finally, our tagline highlights our mission to serve as a support infrastructure to enable business and high-powered individuals to prosper in today’s knowledge economy. Every aspect of our organization is geared towards a single objective: for you to build your future.


How iKeva Started

In the early 2010s, we identified a void in the current Indian market: there was a glaring lack of professionally-managed workspaces. Mid-size organizations with smaller team sizes during this era couldn’t find workspaces that matched their brand image and met all their organizational needs. Therefore, to improve this state of affairs, we set out to create workspace solutions that filled the void. Today, iKeva has workspaces all across India, with a vast, diverse community that offers countless benefits to businesses and entrepreneurs — an unequaled environment for you to build your future in safety, comfort, and with the peace of mind that comes from being attended by world-class personnel.


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  • High speed managed internet and phone solutions

  • Fully furnished and professionally managed

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