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Amplify Your Customer Service with a Live Receptionist

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The first impression is the best while conducting business. It might be speaking or meeting your client or potential investor whose initial impressions are formed within a matter of a few seconds. These impressions last long if they are positive. They matter a lot and if the brand is built then it goes ahead with further meetings. Let’s take a look at how a live receptionist can provide efficient customer service to ensure the first interaction with clients, vendors or investors kicks off on the best footing.

What Is Live Receptionist Service?

COVID-19 has changed the way we work and conduct business way beyond our imagination. Remote working is gaining importance and some organizations have downsized their offices whereas some shut their offices completely to cut down on costs. The financially viable option for them is coworking spaces and virtual offices. The virtual office in Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. provides not only the business address for the organization but also provides a live receptionist to provide services such as handling calls, mails etc.

A customer service professional is a live receptionist who works remotely and provides live call answering and managing on behalf of your business. The live receptionists don’t just answer the call and forward the call but play the role of brand ambassador for your business. They set the level for high-quality service, make callers aware of your business and brand.

The key features a live receptionist from a virtual office provides are listed below:

  • Answers calls on behalf of your organization name.
  • Screens and filters the queries that are robocalls or cold sales calls.
  • Forward the required calls and rest to voicemail in case you are busy.
  • Take messages in case you cannot be reached and forwarding them to the respective person.
  • Handle customer inquiries.
  • Helps in promoting the brand and creating a positive experience for the organization.

Benefits of A Live Receptionist

A live receptionist will have good knowledge of the business and can answer queries and handle distress calls nicely. The receptionist builds the image and makes them aware of the services at the same time understanding the customer needs from the business.

Greeting professionals with a human touch consistently will help customers to trust the organization as well as the brand. For the first-time callers, it will be making first impressions and slowly leading to acquisition.

Live Receptionist as A Brand Ambassador

Establishing relations in business and maintaining them is crucial. Handing down all the client relations to anyone is quite a responsibility. So, a live receptionist as a trained professional will not only handle the calls and clients professionally but also can establish trust with them and confidentiality with the organization. A well-trained receptionist is expected to earn $20-$25,000 per year for a business.

In these covid times when organizations are looking for cutting costs virtual office with live receptionist would fit the requirements.

Live receptionists are beneficial for startups, budding entrepreneurs, small and mid-sized organizations that are no longer operating out of their office space. They relieve you from fielding calls and focus completely on the work at hand.

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