Ask a Lawyer. Free legal workshop at iKeva Bangalore.

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“Ask a Lawyer” is a free legal workshop for all entrepreneurs and start-ups. Get your questions clarified at iKeva Bangalore.

On: Friday, 15th May, 2015.

At: iKeva Bangalore, Marathahalli, ORR

From 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm

What will be addressed?
  • Ask your questions, ahead of time here. Your questions will be given priority at the workshop.
  • Get early stage legal advice for your startup.
  • Understand how to minimize costs and operate with legal effectiveness.
  • Our intention is to facilitate pointed discussions with legal experts that address legal issues that your business may be currently facing or might face in the future.
Who is the Speaker?
• Saurabh PS Chauhan, Founder Partner, Iksha Legal
A founder partner at Iksha Legal, a full service law firm with offices in Bangalore and Delhi. Saurabh specialises in corporate commercial, indirect tax and transactional advisory (PE, VC) laws. A substantial focus of his practice is geared towards working with young companies and startups.
Saurabh graduated with an honours degree in law from Cardiff University, UK in 2007 and has worked with some of the top national law firms in India before going independent.
In his spare time he likes to climb.
Speaker’s Note:

We understand that young companies need to be cost conscious, especially at the early or bootstrapping stages of development. A lot of the business models used by young companies are disruptive and path breaking and at times challenge the existing regulatory landscape. Companies need to be guided at this early stage to fine tune their businesses to make them compatible with the law of the land. For the most part, young companies are unable to seek legal advise at such early stages due to cost considerations and this acts as a problem multiplier when they scale up with models that have not been subject to a lawyers eye.

This free legal workshop is a small step in the direction to address this growing problem. We want to bring the lawyers to you by taking the cost component out of the picture.