Beginners Guide for Hiring the First Coworking Office

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If you’re planning to hire a coworking office for the first time, you should ensure that it is one of the best in your region. Sharing any office space means you have to start working with a large group of people who you do not know initially. Office sharing or coworking can save your money and prove to be a profitable proposition. But if you play your cards wrong, then you might be in trouble.

So, here are a few useful tips which can help you in choosing the right coworking space especially if you are a newbie.

  1. Get the offerings in writing– Finalizing the lease in writing is one obvious thing that you should certainly do as it is true for any business operation. This is especially crucial to clarify the amount you would be paying for being a member of the coworking space and the list of the deliverables and amenities that you are supposed to receive from the coworking management. You should also clarify the date of paying the rent every month and the rules & regulations to follow in the concerned coworking space.
  2. Determining the culture of the coworking space– It is important to determine the culture of the coworking space before joining as a member. This is true that the work culture would influence the way you work and your productivity level. While you have a lot of other professionals working from under the same roof, you would be a part of a community in the coworking space. Even if you are not actively working together, you would be interacting with them often and be in their company during the working hours. So, you need to necessarily determine whether the culture of the coworking space is best suited for you and your team. You must do your research that what kind of companies are already operating from the concerned coworking space and you should try to determine whether those teams are able to complement or help you in your business operations. If you have other like-minded professionals operating from the same coworking space, then you would strongly be able to feel that sense of community which is invaluable in building a great and productive work culture in the workspace together.
  3. Determining which other companies are operating from the coworking space– The joy of coworking may spoil if you have a direct competitor company operating from the same coworking space. In case, if you have a direct competitor startup/company operating from the same coworking space, then you face a lot of inconveniences. You may have to stay quiet at times and may not discuss strategies openly even with your own team as there are chances of your rival company overhearing your business plans/strategies. So, these may lead to uncomfortable and awkward situations at times. At the same time, it becomes easier for you to chat and discuss ideas if you do not have a direct competitor or rival company operating from the same coworking space.
  4. Clarifying the details is always wise– Surprises are not usually welcome in the businesses. This implies even more strongly when it comes to leases’ fine print. You should check each and every clause in the contract paper and clarify the ambiguities (if any). You should check every aspect like whether the coworking space is providing you with the parking space, gym facilities, cafeteria services etc. apart from the essential office amenities and services.

It’s not difficult at all to adjust to the other teams and thrive well in a good coworking space. All you need to do is to pay proper attention to the lease’s fine print at the time of joining the coworking space and you are good to go.



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