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Checklist For Your Office Relocation

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Office relocation- a word that can be perceived in two completely contradictory contexts. One, it could be taken positively if your business is doing too good and the current office setting doesn’t suffice your growing needs and your venture is experiencing tremendous growth and expansion. However, on a more pessimistic note, it could be due to your business performing poorly and the management design needs an internal makeover to suit the oscillating conditions of the external environment and racing modalities. In this case, you might choose a more economical option such as coworking spaces.

Now the end product of the office relocation is important. And it depends heavily on how well office relocations are conducted. So, it is quintessential that the management must put in best efforts and brainpower in the process.

Checklist before you relocate your office space

  • How to select your new space?
  • The proper closedown of the current premises
  • Effective and official dissemination of information
  • Relocation and settling down

Selecting your new space

This is the first and the most important step because it determines the future course of your corporation. The selection must be done after a thorough examination of the needs of the company, the budget, the current constraints, the target publics, the legal formalities and also the employee’s attitude towards the new workspace. The new location must cater to the geographical proximity, connectivity for the employees and the clients and also the productivity of employees. Because the ambiance is key to the dynamics of the workspace and the psychological environment, it enhances the productivity of the workforce. Coworking spaces are the best alternative to boost productivity, as they stimulate the interpersonal skills of the employees and break the monotony of conventional offices. Therefore, choose the best coworking space in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. from among the hundreds.

The new setting must be peaceful, tranquil and spacious. Special attention must be paid to the layout, furniture, aesthetics, interiors and furnishings. The interiors and designing must be done in such a manner that promotes interaction and inhibits seclusion.

The proper closedown of the current premises

The current premises may contain important files, goods, products, hardware gadgets too. What must be ensured is that all the data files are properly encrypted and backed up safely and thoroughly for easy retrieval in the future. The loss of data can have long term implications on the reputation of your company because it turns down customer loyalty due to inconsistency and negligence. The dues of all concerned must be cleared. The services like utilities, electricity and the internet must be canceled. The premises must be cleaned, the signage and branding removed. The legal formalities should have a clear closure and there should not be any ambiguity in the terms and conditions of the contract. Lastly, the building keys must be returned to the landlord or the new owner and the relationship must end on cordial terms.

Effective and official dissemination of information

From the management’s point of view, there are two targets of the message of relocation. First, the employees working at the corporation. This may include the entire personnel comprising the white-collar jobs and blue-collar jobs. They should be clearly communicated about the reasons of relocation, how the entire process will be carried out and familiarity must be maintained about the new location. Like the connectivity, timings, distribution of duties and responsibilities and the allotment of departments and seats in the new premises.

The second beam of communication must be aimed at the external public. This includes the customers, clients, agencies, competitors and rivals and the government too. The address must be changed on the websites, visiting cards, Google my business and advertisement hoardings too. Irrespective of whether the relocation is due to expansion or scaling down, only a positive institutional image must be projected outwards. Proper communication will ensure that you lose none of your clients.

Relocation and settling down

Relocation is incomplete without the final step of settling down in the new premises. It must be ensured that all employees are made comfortable, any repair or modification must be done at earliest. This will also help in the better adjustment of the employees to the new surroundings. Any sources of maladjustment, estrangement and alienation must be eliminated. The smooth functioning of the company is the desired result of the entire process of relocation. A coworking space is one which makes your settling down a cakewalk. Signing an agreement and make the payment is all you need, and the rest is taken care of by the staff of the coworking space. You have a manager, a network admin, house-keeping staff, a receptionist and get many other additional benefits.

Relocating your office is no small feat, it takes tremendous research and gathering of information and data, planning and designing of groundwork, communication and evaluation. The improper management of any of these steps may create chaos and confusion. The disastrous effects can have a ripple effect on the organizational activities and may become an obstacle in the achievement of organizational objectives. Make sure to follow the above steps to make your relocation smooth.

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