Choice of office space can create productivity

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“Management is doing things right; Leadership is doing the right things.” – Peter F Drucker

What Bosses, CEOs, and Entrepreneurs need to realize as a matter of fact is, when they reach a certain stage, its time they let go of less vital things that often fall under micromanagement tasks to their employees. It is a simple principle of moving on to a next level, Leadership, in the career graph as an Entrepreneur. Yes, we all agree Entrepreneurs are masters of detail and that is the sole reason why their companies are innovative and more than often a huge success. However, the obsession of micro managing every issue will eventually cause a major roadblock in the progress of the company’s growth. The smart way is to assign these tasks (that fall under value added services) to trusted, efficient third parties like Serviced office providers, hence giving one the quality time to do significant work needed for the company’s expansion in this astoundingly competitive business world. The mantra to exercise on is — being a good Leader. And, the most important trait of a good leader is to inculcate a sense of belonging & responsibility in the employees instead of superior – subordinate relationship.

Micromanagement at the beginning seems to provide high standard results, but eventually employees fall out due to stress and in contrast become less productive. In the early days of a firm or branch establishment, CEOs and top executives tend to be consumed by these tasks. Out of those micro managed tasks IT issues, meeting management and facility management are on the top ten micro tasks that a CEO should not be looking into.

IT issues

Fixing bugs, downloading and upgrading software are more frequent than any task in today’s fast paced technology craving world. Resourcing out IT professionals is the smartest thing to do, especially when this is not your mainstream job. Why would you dwell into the depths of its encyclopedia, but to waste time figuring it out?

Meeting management

CEOs and Entrepreneurs, Top executives or Head honchos listen up… be a king not a minister!!! Reviewing and being a part of every single weekly meeting of every team will deplete energy and presence for more valuable and critical areas of work. Strategic meetings scheduled for a monthly goal review with project managers is what they need to concentrate on. More often than not, top executives want to be a part of every tactical meeting, and thus end up tightening schedules and productivity of work, as the team needs to constantly alter meeting agendas accordingly.

Facility management

Another area where one can avoid pushing micromanagement into is Facility management, as it can whirlwind into an uncontrollable problem. The simple and logical way to handle this is to assign a certain budget for every domain and bring in employee involvement to make these decisions staying within the projected bracket. This adds to sense of togetherness for your team with your company.

Steadily raising companies are led by CEOs and top executives who have stepped forward into their Leadership shoes, handing over micro management tasks to their employees and third parties. By delegating to credible partners such as serviced office providers, like iKeva, top management tends to have 40% more time to spend on other relevant business activities. Just imagine the luxury of someone else, office landlord or leaser, handle all this as a part of an extended association with them. As fabulous as it sounds, serviced office providers like iKeva make it a smooth and effortless task too. We at iKeva provide the value added services altering them according to each company’s strategies and benefits that CEOs/top Executives/Entrepreneurs decide would be right for the growth and productivity of the company. Give us your ideas in one meeting and we promise you wouldn’t have to check back, or give it a second thought.

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