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Why is the Collaborative Workspace Market the Next Big Thing in India?

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Collaborative workspace is gaining ground in recent years. Though they have not been supported in most of the corporate buildings, the recent trends are becoming more supportive of this culture. The same goes for innovative work methods and brainstorming. Most spaces have offices or cubicles that are best for individual work or conference rooms that can be used for short periods of time. Flexible space can create better teams and bring in the opportunity of more open thinking. The idea of a collaborative workspace is to create an environment where people can work and play simultaneously. This offers much more remote collaboration and empowers people to work from anywhere.

The Indian market is boosting the change

How is India doing in the collaborative workspace? India is now thriving as an economy and is growing as an ecosystem for the startups. The country has a wonderful talent pool. Businesses, small big and medium are springing up. All of these are creating the demand for a collaborative workspace in India. It is true that the Indian market was a little predisposed to the fixed and large office setups. But they are difficult to maintain, and there are long-term lease plans to stick to. This is causing the Indian companies to look towards other options – the shared workspace environment. The collaborative workspaces are being designed to save time and money. It is also creating a community and helping to create a culture among the employees.

What do the stats say about collaborative workspace in India?

The collaborative workspaces will emerge as the next big thing in India shortly. A recent study shows that that the Indian industry would receive about 400 million dollars in investment and as much as 50% of the global workforce would comprise millennials by 2020. These are some of the facts which show that the collaborative workspace is catching up. The country is one of the youngest nations to encourage startups and has a growing millennial workforce. Thus building healthy communities is becoming a must.

The startup ecosystems in India is bringing new dynamics

The concept of collaborative workspaces became a thing in India through the startup ecosystem. Today everyone is shifting to the new office dynamics, beginning from the freelancers to the large enterprises. There need not be much worry about the long-term leases and the huge security deposits. The companies and the employees would have better access to the creators. It would lead to a colorful culture in the workplace and a wonderful community.

How are the collaborative workspaces suited for Indian companies?

Though the concept is not new, it is becoming the next big thing in India. This not only boosts motivation but encourages collaboration. The potential of these shared workspaces is being realized now. So how is it playing into the lives of the employees? Well, people are adapting to this workspace idea which has lesser real estate costs. These are tailor-made office solutions with the perfect space to create a network and collaborate.

How is this sudden shift taking place?

A fundamental shift is taking place in the way people work and live in India. People are discovering that the traditional setups are not only uninteresting but costly. Also, they do not induce any innovation or creativity. The modern collaborative workspaces are creating a wonderful culture and a community. The increasing millennial workforce in the country will bring about a change in the work culture in the years to come.

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