Commission Policy

Serviced Office: 10% on the office/ workstation rent, upon execution of agreement with the client referred. Promotional commission rates may be offered from time to time.
Virtual Office: 10% on the membership fee, upon execution of membership agreement with the client referred.
Upgrades: 10% commission on the office/ workstation rent, upon execution of agreement, if your client with a virtual office upgrades to an office/ workstation within 6 months.
Renewals and Expansion: Commission will not be paid on renewals or expansion.
Qualification of an iKeva Agent: Commission policy is reserved for iKeva agents, which includes commercial and residential real estate brokers and agents who are duly licensed. iKeva, can, from time to time, extend this invitation to firms or associates, who show active interest in referring clients to iKeva in lieu of commission being paid.
Acceptance of referrals: iKeva agents will be compensated for successful initial introductions and / or referrals of their clients. iKeva will accept referrals based on order of receipt of the same, subject to information, as deemed necessary by iKeva, provided by the agent about their client. This applies to all referrals, unless instructed otherwise by the client. An iKeva agent must refer prospects through a manager or our website.
Payment: iKeva shall endeavour to pay commission within 30 days of receipt of successful referral. A referral will be deemed as successful once initial payment due from the client is received and applicable agreement is signed, along with documents as necessary to complete the execution of the Agreement. All commissions will be made payable to the Real Estate Agency and not to the individual agent. If a client defaults during the term of the agreement whereby a payment for commission has been made, iKeva may invoice the Agent/Broker for the pro-rated commission paid for the term the client is in default or deduct that amount from a future payment.
Acceptance of terms: Submittal of a referral to iKeva alone indicates acceptance of our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend or terminate this policy at any time without prior notice.