5 points to maintain Company culture in a shared office space!

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Opting for co-working spaces is no doubt, the best option available today for start-ups and even corporate companies. Bigger brands too, prefer to work out of shared offices for the various benefits it gives them. But one of the most important questions is how to maintain company culture in a co-working office space?

A healthy organizational culture is not just the key to happy customers, but also happy employees. It increases a sense of belonging and loyalty to the company, which is why organizational culture is a must. Here are some pointers that can help inculcate your company culture in a shared office too!

Subtle reminders of your corporate identity:

Also termed artefacts, these are small, tangible, physical tokens that represent your company and what it stands for. It might be stationery with the company logo watermark, a vase or a 3D model of your company’s symbol on the desk, or motivational quotes hung up on the wall— anything that marks your company as unique can be used as an artefact. Even a uniform for your employees can show your brand identity.

Stories and heroes:

You may be working in a rented, shared office space, but the company and its history remain the same! Make sure that the stories of the company’s success, visionaries, and founders are well known and informed to all of your employees. Even the stories of exceptional employees who brought about a change in the company’s fortunes must be recounted in order to build motivation among the present employees.

Emphasize on the company’s Mission and vision:

Every company has a clear set of goals that are outlined as its “mission” and a set of values that form its “vision”. Both are instrumental in defining a company’s philosophy, and it is necessary to articulate these to your employees on a regular basis, to keep up the spirit!


Rituals are activities that define a company’s work culture. It might be a simple outing to celebrate the success of a project, or the practice of celebrating every employee’s birthday by cutting a cake! Make your employees feel at home and as a part of the organization. iKeva’s co-working spaces offer the space, support and flexibility for such community events, thus encouraging organizational culture.

Training programs and Social Network:

Last, but not the least, a positive pep talk to the team once in a while can motivate them to stick to the company’s culture in the way they work and interact with customers and each other. Regular training programs can help, and so can a social network of existing employees who can help new employees adjust.

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