The Coworking Space Perks Which Matter Most

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If you are a startup entrepreneur or a CEO and is looking for a great coworking space for your team, then this is obvious that you would be evaluating the probable pros and cons of the shortlisted coworking spaces. One important thing that you should bear in mind while conducting this evaluation is the list of perks that these coworking spaces offer to the employees. When we talk about the perks associated with the coworking spaces, there are several aspects that are taken into consideration like the major physical benefits namely spacious workspaces, great location, convenient parking area, well-stocked pantry, client accessibility and conference room facility.

There are several kinds of amenities which encourage the employees to become loyal and work for a longer period of time. In today’s world when the trend of job hopping is catching up trends amongst the millennials, a great office space is a powerful magnet for retaining the employees. Adopting a great coworking space can be a great reflection of your business/company. This is for sure that selecting a great coworking space can be an endemic way for a business/brand to communicate its great essence.

As you go for a recce to select the best coworking space that suits your requirement, you should keep in mind that your chosen coworking space has the capacity of offering the following perks.

  • Location– A location is one of the prime considerations while choosing a workspace. Needless to say, the coworking space you are planning to zero in should be in one of the best business districts in the city with great connectivity. It should be preferably in a mega-campus where there is the availability of facilities like great pantry/restaurant, onsite childcare, napping and dry cleaning facilities. The concerned coworking space should preferably promote the employees to stay on campus so that the productivity is not hampered under any circumstances. However, this is also to be taken into consideration that with great facilities, the cost package also increases considerably. So, keeping the cost factor in your mind is also very crucial.  
  • Knowing the community and culture– This is to be taken into consideration that the community in a coworking space matters a lot. This is obvious that the one-size does not fit all. So, you should necessarily have a fair idea of the community and the culture that prevails in that specific coworking space. This is a proven fact that one-size does not fit all the mentalities. There should preferably be creativity in the location, building, and workspace design in the concerned coworking space. The design, amenities, and feel of the chosen coworking space should be such that it would have the ability to accommodate the ultimate exquisite tastes in the best possible manner.
  • Well-organized parking facilities– Apart from accommodating the prevailing employees in the coworking space, there should be the bandwidth of more parking spaces for the visitors and also for the extra people in case you expand your team in the near future. In case your visitors do not get proper parking space and have to scramble for the street parking, especially if it is a bustling city like Mumbai, Delhi or Bangalore, then this leads to a worse ‘user experience’. So, you should make sure that you choose the coworking space with the best and adequate parking facilities.
  • Collaboration is the key– The millennials, GenXers and Gen Z- all have a tendency of swaying towards the shared office space layouts in order to encourage and facilitate accessibility and collaboration. The shared office spaces like the coworking spaces have proved to be dynamic platforms for collaboration. There are common areas as well as private meeting and conference rooms in the coworking spaces. So, this serves all your business purposes very well.
  • Client accessibility and security– The coworking spaces are usually located in the best business districts of the city and have adequate security even in the wee hours. Needless to say, the connectivity of the coworking spaces is also great. So, you should ideally choose a coworking space which has a strategic location and is nearby your key client offices. This may help you in streamlining your business operations considerably.

If you are considering the above discussed key elements carefully while choosing a coworking space, then it would help you in keeping your business ahead of your competitors considerably.