Why coworking spaces Gurgaon are redefining the workplace for freelancers?

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Gurgaon is a home to several fast-growing companies since last few decades. Gurgaon over the time has turned up to be a corporate hub and has nurtured several startups which eventually has matured into successful companies. Gurgaon is known to offer the best community for the numerous fast-growing startups and also for those ambitious entrepreneurs who are looking forward to setting up a startup. While the city is a great place to work, it is equally a great destination for unwinding. In the present times, there are several coworking spaces available in Gurgaon which are redefining the workplace for freelancers. There are several options to choose from like managerial cabins, private offices, meeting rooms, open workstations and flexi-seating options that the freelancers can opt for in a coworking space Gurgaon as per their preference and budget.

Facilities that coworking spaces Gurgaon offer

There are several facilities offered by the coworking spaces Gurgaon that are at par with the professional corporate office environment. All these facilities can be availed by the freelancers by opting to work from a coworking space Gurgaon. These facilities and amenities at your disposal help you to bring out your productive best at your workplace. Some of the major facilities are enlisted below:

  • Open lounge– A spacious open lounge is available in almost all coworking spaces in Gurgaon. There is the availability of couches and beanbags where you can work in a cool and informal setup or choose to brainstorm with your colleagues over a cup of coffee.
  • Wi-Fi– All coworking spaces in Gurgaon offer Wi-Fi facility which ensures that you do not have to worry about high-speed internet connectivity while in office. So, the freelancers would have an absolutely optimum condition to carry out their works.
  • Open Pantry– There is the availability of open pantry in all coworking spaces in Gurgaon where you can avail hygienic and good food at reasonable prices.
  • Video conferencing– There is the availability of video conferencing with large screens which facilitates in connecting with your clients and associates from far-off locations.
  • Copying/Printing– There are facilities for copying and printing in a coworking space Gurgaon which is a necessity in almost every business.
  • Biometric log– If you want the biometric log for tracking attendance of your associates and employees, then there is the availability of biometric log as well which is a foolproof way of tracking the attendance.
  • Dedicated parking– There is the availability of dedicated parking which facilitates the users to park their vehicles on every working day safely and conveniently without any worry.
  • 24X7 Access– the coworking spaces in Gurgaon are open 24X7 and the users can work even till late and in erratic hours. This is a great add on for the entrepreneurs and freelancers who usually work till late and do not believe in a 9-5 working schedule.
  • CCTV– There are CCTV installed in the coworking spaces in Gurgaon which captures footages 24X7. This ensures complete safety for the users.
  •  Runner services– You can avail the service of a runner by opting to work from a coworking space in Gurgaon. This is convenient and is a part of the package. This is much economical as compared to hiring a dedicated runner for your business.
  • Admin/IT support– There are an admin and an IT support to help you in troubleshooting in your day to day work challenges.
  • A freelancer who works from home or home office will not be able to arrange for the above professional facilities there. So, by opting for a coworking space in Gurgaon, the freelancers can redefine their workplaces.

Benefits of being a part of a growing community

This is true that people coming together as a community have great strength of opening up new windows of opportunities. Thus, working from the shared office space in Gurgaon provides the freelancers the right opportunity to be a part of a growing, vibrant and well-networked community. There are opportunities of being a part of several events and mentor interactions which adds to the knowledge and skill sets of the freelancers greatly. Thus, this altogether revolutionizes the working style of the freelancers.

Many freelancers in Gurgaon are happy to get the facility of coworking space as working from such a working space make them feel a part of a community. The connections that are being built with the neighbors are a big reason why freelancers are opting for communal space more and more as compared to the working spaces in a home office or nondescript office. The coworking space has its very vibrant vibe and the management of such spaces go to great lengths for cultivating some unique experience for the members.

Freelancers usually work independently or in small teams. Thus, there are no much scopes of socializing. When freelancers become a part of the communal space, they have several avenues for socializing. Importantly, socializing is not forced or compulsory in the coworking spaces. The members in a shared office can choose how and when to interact with each other. The members in a coworking space can interact with each other for knowing new things and enhancing their skill sets. One can choose to work independently whenever they wish to.

As per the various researches from Harvard Business Review, the experts are of the opinion that a combination of a well-curated work experience and a well-designed work environment is attracting many freelancers to opt for coworking spaces rather than thriving for office-based counterparts. Even traditional companies have started allowing their employees to opt for coworking spaces in order to bring out their authentic best selves. So, the demand for coworking space in Gurgaon is witnessing a steep increase with passing time.

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