Creative use of your office space

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The Idea of the ideal office space!

Meet Mahesh, a successful entrepreneur who has just set up his own IT venture. With cut-throat competition and ever increasing customer demands, Mahesh needs to work round the clock. So while he steps into the office by 9:00 AM every morning, he leaves only when work permits. For a person like Mahesh who spends more productive hours in the office, his work space becomes an extension of his ‘personal space’.

The last decade has witnessed a tumultuous shift in the world economies. Businesses today do not follow the age old rules. Things are more customized, precise and are always changing. In keeping with the need of the hour, entrepreneurs have come to re-design their work patterns. Modern day business is a smooth amalgamation of the solid with the suave. So while the infrastructure on which it stands is rock solid, the appearance has undergone a facelift. A desk with chair and a phone have been replaced by laptop and a VoIP enabled phone. Business space has earned a new definition altogether and thus the need for a change.

A phase of change.

For a start-up, office space is much more than just a building, desks, computers or a coffee vending machine. Today when employees are spending hours together in a work set-up, their office becomes a second home, a place to hang-out with colleagues and a place to be inspired. For an entrepreneur, an office is the canvas where numerous dreams take shape. So the need is a customized office space which serves as the launch pad of an entrepreneur’s dreams and also a place where the employees can enjoy their work.

For a start-up, it’s absolutely imperative to focus completely on its business and its demands in order to establish a strong foot-hold. Thus, it is next to impossible to micro manage the loose ends in running an establishment. The need is then felt of a custodian to take care of infrastructure maintenance, IT support and other support staff etc. iKeva has been closely associated with organizations when it comes to setting up the perfect office space for a business. Offering an array of services, iKeva takes up the entire responsibility of the allied functions that play an important role in the sustenance of a business and hence needs to rest in safe hands.

What a start-up requires is a custom office space which is fully serviced and facilitates 24X7 working.

Make your own space!

iKeva, specializes in providing custom built creative office spaces for start-ups, which are specifically designed for their needs. With a sound combination of soft and hard infrastructure of parking, internet, reception, meeting and boardrooms, it provides creative office spaces with a professional touch. iKeva understands that every business has its own requirements. While an IT set-up requires comfortable cubicles for developers to work, an advertising agency requires empty canvas spaces to fill in with ideas, designs and notes.

Different businesses come with varied needs and iKeva is the perfect solution for your business to network and grow. Be it client networking, employee training, interviews or meetings, iKeva designs offices to provide the optimum utilization of the available space. Your office is your own space and iKeva helps you create one for yourself.