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Discuss Digital Marketing with Raghu Seelamsetty

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The first question came from Dr. Pranav, Founder at Sugar 365 days “ What are the effective digital marketing strategies in the healthcare space?”

Raghu Seelmasetty (Raghu) answered that – “Search, Social and Content marketing works well. Spend more time on Google and social especially with Facebook. The next question to answer is – ‘How do you get prominence on Google?’ – run AdWords however, this is short-lived and expensive at times. SEO works well for healthcare companies, especially through content marketing. Build content that is shared and link back into content to perform well on Google. Make your website a living organism using content. Your goal should be to get people naturally onto your website. With a pun intended, Raghu also mentioned that “the best page to hire a dead body is the second page of Google.”

Tip: Outbrain and Taboola are two content tools that you should explore.

Alok, BD Consultant wanted to understand more about the Digital marketing B2B scenario especially if the case is in ERP for the transportation industry.

Response to ‘How should we use digital marketing for B2B?’ Define your audience. Start targeting using Linkedin. How to reach out to the CEO at Gati? – subscribe to specific people on Linkedin. You need to position yourself as thought leaders by publishing content as much as possible.

Chaitanya from Perceptive Analytics asked, “Content needs content writers and graphic designers. How should we tackle this?” and a question about the website, “Full-screen backgrounds. Great videos being played – how does it work from a conversion perspective?”

Raghu’s solution for the first question is ‘Outsource content building – Fiverr is one platform to hire content writers. Full-screen backgrounds are popular and need to test to which type of websites they work for. You will only that by testing. For display ad campaigns – Sizmek can be used.’

Leeladhar, Founder at Happy Minds Staffing Solutions was curious to know about his app that notifies about the jobs, creates a selfie video and share it with the world. How do we get more action happening to the app?

Here is a step-wise process suggested at the event:

  • Run an analysis of your business.
  • Analyze at what point the conversion is failing.
  • See where your visitors are dropping off.

Gautam from an IT startup wanted to figure out – In the e-commerce industry giants spend a lot of money. What are the tools that startups could use?

Raghu says, ” Look at the unique proposition if you are an eCommerce company that can be offered to your target audience even before creating your digital marketing strategy”


Discussing digital marketing


Pawan Bhusari, Co-founder Abiogenesis mentioned targets both managers who are non-technical with decision-makers who are in the technical domain. How should I fill the gap between the two mindsets?

Raghu shares an analogy ‘Don’t sell medium temperature coffee to 2 people where one likes hot coffee and the other likes cold coffee.’ You will have to create two different communication and digital marketing plans with different content that attracts both mindsets.

Sathya, from Chennai, asks how can digital marketing can help the HR industry? Raghu says tools are indispensable for digital marketing. Hence, constantly look for tools that meet your needs.


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