Dumb charades, the Game Hour at iKeva Banjara Hills

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Each time we host a game hour it helps us understand how a break matters for the team working with me. We had a fun-packed game hour of dumb charades at iKeva Banjara Hills. This time it was Bollywood and Hollywood guesses.

At iKeva, it’s not just about working and our workspaces. It’s not co-working, or serviced offices; it’s the people in them that make them what they are. Without people, an office space is just space. It’s the people who make them come alive, bring in the creativity and the buzz. We love to make it just a little more worth it and so, we have our exciting office activities to add that element of life to our workspaces. We discovered over this game hour, that dumb charades is not just about fun, it brings out some interesting traits about your team.

Motivation – While the participants were divided into two groups without a leader, the team by itself started motivating each other to share the best mime. They brought out the winning spirit by genuinely helping with clues that would help the team win. As moderators, iKeva facilitated this aspect. This could also be tried at workplace.

Creative thinking – Some of the participants came up with wackiest forms of expression but turned out just perfect when their team had to recognize and guess. The name of the movie was nowhere in the mime but rather used famous scenes, actors and features to break the silence.

Ice breaker – Since, it was mandatory for each person to mime during the game, it helped the rest of the community know about a member and their abilities during the game. The neighbourhood just got closer!

We love our dumb charades at iKeva and we’re firm believers that a mime is a terrible thing to waste! It was a fun-filled day at iKeva on the 11th of December, much fun was had, many gestures were made, and many things were guessed. Our fun activities are a big part of the iKeva culture; the people in our offices are entertained, we get to know them a little better and, it even inspires teamwork and creativity!

It’s a regular feature for us to hold office-wide activities like dumb charades, carom tournaments, Pictionary, Antakshari and other fun activities (Don’t ask us about the beer bash; none of us remember!)

Games like these make our offices more dynamic, involved and creative, with the added bonus of encouraging camaraderie, teamwork and inspiring people to create. Games like dumb charades are a great way to build interpersonal skills, reading body language and improving communication skills. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty of things to do that can make an office more vibrant, and we love them all! Keep watching this space and stay tuned for more on what we do to make our workspace experience that much better.

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