Enhancing Work Efficiency: The Role of Premium Amenities in Workplace

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In today’s fast-paced world, the role of premium amenities within Serviced office space in Hyderabad can’t be overstated in boosting productivity and employee satisfaction. Recognizing the significant impact of these amenities on both productivity and the overall well-being of employees is essential for modern businesses.These services, including breakout areas and concierge services, to name a few, improve the work environment and further productivity, focusing on overall employee satisfaction.

Direct Correlation Between Workplace Amenities and Productivity

Are you curious about the key to a more effective workforce? Well, it all boils down to creating a friendly and supportive work environment. Workplace amenities have been shown to have a major impact on employee satisfaction and productivity. According to a Gallup survey, happy employees increase productivity and hence, enhance business outcomes.

Offering a range of workspace facilities, such as breakout rooms, open areas, and private offices, can help promote creativity, cooperation, and communication. A supportive work environment and a flexible schedule can also significantly increase employee morale and productivity.

Thus, prioritize your workers’ well-being and choose a coworking space that suits them. The outcome? A more successful company and a happier,  more productive crew—a win-win situation.


Premium Amenities at iKeva

iKeva has crafted an array of spaces and services designed to inspire and connect. Their offerings include:

  • Breakout Zones: iKeva welcomes guests into warm breakout areas with an environment that fosters creativity and connection. These areas promote community and collaboration, where people catch up with coworkers or take a break.
  • Cafeterias: iKeva’s contemporary cafeterias provide a wide selection of delectable meals and drinks to suit various dietary needs and tastes. Residents can get food throughout the day to keep them full and energized, ranging from healthy snacks to decadent delights.
  • Silent Pods: iKeva provides silent pods where people may work without interruptions if they’re looking for seclusion and concentration. These private areas provide a haven within the office space, whether you’re working on a project or need time to reflect.
  • Concierge Service: To guarantee a smooth and stress-free stay, tenants can get assistance from iKeva’s committed concierge service with any requests or questions. Regarding conference room bookings or catering, the iKeva crew is committed to meeting the demands of its tenants.
  • Contemporary Meeting Areas: iKeva’s plug-and-play office spaces are perfect for brainstorming sessions and fruitful chats because they come with cosy furnishings and state-of-the-art technology.
  • Game Zones: iKeva’s lively game zones provide an excellent place for employees to relax and foster teamwork. Whether playing table tennis or foosball with friends, these areas offer chances to unwind and rejuvenate.
  • Open Green Spaces: Residents of iKeva may reconnect with the natural world while savouring the peace and fresh air of these outdoor spaces. People might take breaks from their hectic routines by taking a stroll or just connecting with nature.
  • Improved Security Measures: To give customers peace of mind, iKeva employs advanced security measures emphasizing occupant safety.

Customization and Flexibility

With iKeva’s unmatched customization and adaptability, organizations can quickly adapt their workspace to meet their specific requirements. Businesses can customize their work environment by selecting the services from various facilities that best suit their needs. Because of this flexibility, businesses may scale up or down, adjust to changing needs, and have a dynamic workplace that encourages innovation and expansion. iKeva offers customized solutions to help companies flourish in a flex space that precisely complements their vision and culture.

Amenities that Promote Health and Wellbeing

iKeva’s shared office spaces come equipped with amenities focused on health and happiness, crucial for a fulfilled and efficient team:

  • Ergonomic furniture guarantees comfort and lowers the possibility of accidents. 
  • Natural light improves energy and mood. 
  • Green areas enhance the quality of the air and offer a tranquil atmosphere. 
  • Programmes for wellness promote both mental and physical health. 

By adding these amenities to its custom-designed managed office spaces, iKeva emphasizes workers’ well-being, creating a more productive and happy workplace.

Network of Partners and Exclusive Member Benefits

Understanding that employee contentment directly influences productivity, iKeva curates a comprehensive suite of premium amenities. From cutting-edge meeting rooms to cosy breakout areas, every detail is designed to facilitate success and satisfaction.

Furthermore, their extensive partner network offers exclusive benefits ranging from insurance to travel, enhancing the quality of life for its members beyond the business center. iKeva enables companies to thrive by prioritizing employee well-being and creating a welcoming and adaptable work environment. Their main goal is to establish an environment where people can achieve professional success and lead happy lives.


Premium amenities are crucial in boosting work efficiency and employee satisfaction. iKeva‘s commitment to providing a comprehensive array of top-notch amenities creates an environment where productivity thrives and individuals flourish. With a focus on excellence, iKeva ensures that every aspect of the workspace contributes to both professional and personal well-being.