April 14, 2022 Environment & Sustainability

Environmental Awareness Drive at iKeva

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” – Emerson (American Poet)
Working today, towards a greener tomorrow, iKeva has invited Greenpeace representatives to conduct Environmental Awareness Drive across all our centers at Bangalore and Hyderabad. Starting from our new Sanali Spazio center in Hyderabad and MG Road center at Bengaluru.

The members participated eagerly in the following activities which were included in the Drive –

  1. Bioenzyme making (for natural cleaner)
  2. Seedball making (Making a ball of seed)
  3. Khamba posting (composting kitchen waste)

So, let’s do our bit for the environment, however small.


5:00 pm


iKeva MG Road, Bangalore & iKeva Sanali Spazio, Hyderabad