Pottery Workshop

December 4, 2019 CSR Activities Fun and Activity Pledge

Greenpeace Awareness Drive and Pottery Workshop

This Christmas let’s gift ourselves a greener plant. Let’s reduce our carbon footprint and celebrate a green Christmas. For this, iKeva, in association with Greenpeace, is organising the following activities

-A pottery workshop for making eco-friendly Christmas ornaments.
-Seedball making workshop, to gift to your friends and colleagues.
-A 360-degree view of the Arctic and the Amazon through virtual realty.
-Air Pollution demo with people carrying a plant on their back connected to an oxygen mask.
-A plastic donation box will be put up where we can drop off plastic bags and pick up cloth bags in exchange. Switching to cloth bags will also help a group of women who make these bags out of old sarees.

Let’s bring in the Green Christmas together.


11:00 AM - 6:00 PM


iKeva KPHB