April 5, 2019 Health & Wellness

Lenskart Eye Check-Up

We are conducting a FREE Eye Checkup camp in association with Lenskart.

What to expect:
*Power of glasses (wherever applicable).
*Objective Refraction with auto refractor.
*Visual Acuity (distance & near).
*Pushup test for judging convergence insufficiency (depending upon the symptoms).
*Cover-Uncover test to check binocularity.
*Subjective refraction with trial lenses.
*Prescription for distance & near (wherever applicable).
*Pupillary distance & segment height measurement (in progressive addition lenses).
*Counseling on different frames, lens types and general eye health.
*Get a special gift voucher of Rs.1000 from Lenskart (Using this voucher,you can book a free eye checkup for your families home).
*A surprise lucky draw.

Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!


12:00 PM - 5:00PM


iKeva Powai Mumbai