April 27, 2019 Interaction

Art Of Crisp Presentation

iKeva, in collaboration with Hyderabad Learners Group, brings you a workshop on the art of powerful and crisp presentation – Pecha-Kucha.

Presentations are an integral part of everybody’s professional life, working in any company or institution. It is an art to be able convey your message in a crisp and precise manner in a limited amount of time and ensuring that you’ve covered everything required.

We are pleased to announce an interesting session with guest speaker – Rachit Pathak. Rachit hails from the northern wing of India and has 16+ years of work experience. An ex IIT-Kharagpur technocrat, his key arena rests in Future Technology & Innovation threads.

Come, join us to learn from an expert on how to create crisp and powerful presentations.


11:00 AM