Speaker Session on International Self Care Day

Speaker Session at iKeva
“Where’s the time for self-care?” “Self care in these stressful times? Are you kidding?” “What’s self-care?”
When you mention the word “self-care”, these are a few of the questions that pop up.
We understand.
That’s why iKeva decided to go a step further and delve into the essence of self care for our busy members and associates. This International Self Care Day, iKeva is proud to organize a virtual session by Nehaa Goyal. Topic of the speaker session is ‘Ancestral Healing and Chakra Harmony for Professional Success.’ Nehaa Goyal is an Empowerment Coach, DNA Astrologer, Tarot and Numerology Reader. Through this interactive session, we aim to reduce the gap between struggles and stress of corporate life and self-care. We hope that with the help of this session, our valued members and associates would be motivated to embrace healing from within. Why? Because Nehaa, the speaker, believes that the positivity inside of us impacts our professional and personal growth. Does that ring a bell? Do join us for searching for long-term sustainable solutions instead of quick fixes.
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