December 8, 2023 Feedback Interaction Townhalls


An important step in providing workspaces that are productive and efficient is the suggestions and feedback of our valued members. We, at iKeva, regularly interact with our members to cater to their specific business requirements. Townhall is one such medium of not just personalized interaction with our members but it also serves as a way of providing a high-quality custom-designed managed office space. Townhall is a forum where a representative from each company at the centre shall be providing their valuable suggestions on areas of improvement, any issues or concerns, experience of having iKeva as their workspace partner, and any feedback. This is a 1:1 interactive, in-person session between our valued members and iKeva associates. After the meetup, iKeva shall be working on the suggestions in a time-bound manner. We are looking forward to meeting our members at the iKeva Vaishnavi’s Cynosure centre.


04:00 PM Onwards


iKeva Vaishnavi Cynosure, Gachibowli