September 29, 2023 Health & Wellness Interaction Speaker Session

World Heart Day Webinar by iKeva

At iKeva, we believe that health is truly our wealth. That’s why, on the occasion of World Heart Day, on 29th of September 2023, iKeva and NatureFit are proud to present a webinar. This webinar shall be conducted by Dr. Sachin Nandedkar, is a renowned Pune-based doctor, MA, MD in Alternate medicine. The subject of the webinar is “Natural Way of Healing and Keeping Your Heart Healthy”.
Topics to be covered during Webinar:
– How to take care of the Health of your heart
– Diet to follow
– Exercises
– Routine checkups
– Age-wise changes in lifestyle
– Typical heart issues one faces and reasons for each and intensity of each heart ailment
So, mark your calendars: 29th Sep. 2023, 4pm on Google Meet.

Webinar Link:


4:00 pm onwards


All iKeva centers