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Facts & Stats that prove that coworking is inevitable for better productivity & success

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The coworking spaces are the new-age offices which are much more than mere workspaces with all the amenities. The coworking spaces Mumbai are being designed and operated in just a way that these workspaces convert into collaborative workspaces which nurture associations between like-minded professionals, give a platform for knowledge-sharing and optimizes your entrepreneurial and professional growth.

The edges that the coworking spaces enjoy

There are several advantages attached to the coworking spaces. Some of the most prominent pointers are being discussed here.

  • A coworking space is a more effective place for your client meetings as compared to coffee shops – There used to be a time when the consultants, entrepreneurs, small business owners and freelancers used to opt for several ineffective and inefficient work environments like the local coffee joints like Starbucks or Baristas. Many opted to work from their residences as well. A coworking space is undoubtedly better than working from your home or from a coffee shop.
  • New age and advanced concept – The benefits of coworking from a well-organized and reputed coworking space very significantly came into existence some years back when it started gaining popularity across the globe. The coworking spaces are curated and designed in such a manner that they are steps ahead of the traditional working centers. The coworking spaces facilitate effective working and explore the members’ creativity considerably.
  • Sharing & caring – The overall growth, as well as the popularity of sharing and also the flexible work models, become an integral indicator of the cultural shift which is taking place. The coworking culture is still not mainstream in the Indian ecosystem but there is no doubt that the concept is catching up fast and is forecasted as the future of the workspaces.
  • Initiating the entrepreneurial journey – A coworking space is the best place if you are a budding entrepreneur. A coworking space provides you with all the necessary facilities within an affordable budget and you also get to learn a lot from the other coworkers who are operating from the same coworking spaces. You have big chances of meeting like-minded professionals in the coworking spaces and this, in turn, helps in enhancing the chances of growing your business and progressing.
  • Choosing a like-minded coworking partner – While people have started to look for the coworking spaces around a city, they realize that the various centers had different cultures when it comes to coworking. As a beginner, you may find it a challenge to be a part of the active coworking community. But with passing time, you will surely find some like-minded professionals in the space with whom you would end up having several discussions which would add a lot of value to your knowledge.
  • Community bonding is more crucial in coworking spaces – Coworking is not mere facilities and location, but the community and the bond that you form with your coworkers. This bonding has proved to be invaluable.
  • Industry-focused coworking spaces sometimes are suitable for your startup/business – A coworking space is usually a platform where the interactive, like-minded, cooperative and knowledgeable professionals meet. Sometimes you can opt for a specialized coworking space which suits your stream of business and joining such a specialized coworking space can facilitate your business big time.

Facts & Stats

  1. The research studies state that 64% of the professionals are capable of accomplishing their respective tasks efficiently and more than 90% of these professionals are satisfied with their tasks. Thus, there is no ambiguity at all regarding these facts.
  2. The average number of coworking space users have grown by 30% as compared to two years from now.
  3. The biggest of the coworking spaces in terms of members are found to be located in Asia.

Overall this has been found that the coworking spaces have grown by a huge 38% within the last one year.

The following are the major conclusions drawn by the experts after analyzing India’s coworking scenario in 2019:

  1. Higher productivity
  • This is a common human tendency that the professionals would work and perform in accordance with the prevailing environment in which they are working in. The coworking spaces are usually occupied by ambitious, talented and proactive professionals who are always in the lookout to perform in the best possible way. These positive vibes from the people surrounding you in a coworking space motivate you to enhance your skills and performance level.
  • Coworking spaces are idealistic workspaces which provide you with the best working ambiance that optimizes the working efficiency. Some people are comparatively more competitive and they get encouraged to perform better when they see others doing exceedingly well.
  • As per a recent survey, this has been revealed that the coworkers always report a considerable increase in productivity and also in the work quality as well.
  1. A spacious workplace with all the necessary conveniences and flexibilities
  • Usually, the coffee cafes or homes fall short of adequate space and the optimum work environment is never received.
  • The lack of adequate space can obstruct the work efficiency and the quality of work also gets compromised. Unlike the cafes and homes, the coworking spaces also allow us in expanding the workspace and utilizing that space in the most productive manner.
  • Most of the coworking spaces provide certain amenities like printers, desktop, complimentary coffee services, and special furniture. All of these facilities collectively facilitate in enhancing the overall work quality and creativity as a whole.
  1. Reasons why coffee cafes fail
  • The major reason why the coffee cafes are not being preferred for working for a long term is their unavailability of power, no or poor internet connectivity, and the perpetual crowd.
  • Coworking perfectly fulfills all that hindrances which affect the productivity of a professional. The coworking spaces guarantee an interactive, collaborative and motivating ambiance which automatically enhances productivity.
  1. Setup of the workspace
  • Generally, the outdoor premised and coffee cafes do not completely ensure the security of the belongings that we carry with ourselves. A coworking space, on the contrary, ensures complete security of all our belongings.
  • Working from home usually make us indulge in various other activities, While you choose to operate from a coworking space, this assures that all your belongings are safe and you have a proper, well-organized workstation to accomplish all our works without any distraction.
  1. Effective professional networking
  • The coworking spaces allow better networking with your fellow coworkers. While operating from the coworking spaces, people usually make optimum utilization of the great opportunity of networking with the fellow professionals and these interactions which take place proves to be invaluable.
  • The researchers are of the opinion that the companies pay for the coworking spaces majorly to reap the benefit of networking opportunities which are available in the coworking spaces.

The above findings very clearly indicate that coworking is inevitable for better productivity and desired success.