Apr 21, 2016 Updates and Events

Fight Off Your Hunger Pangs

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Are you hungry at the office, or on the go? Need an easy way to get your hands on something to eat? At iKeva, we love to have easily available, yummy food that’s mostly just a click away. And, since we love to explore new tech as much as we love food, we’ve turned our attention to a new FoodTech Startup from Hyderabad; TummyKart. We’re bringing them over for an ‘eat-and-greet at our Hitech City Center!

We know how easy it is to get lost in your work and ignore everything else. When you’re really busy, we often forget to eat, or tend to eat really late, a habit that isn’t very healthy in the long-run. It’s why food ordering services like TummyKart.com and Momscurry.com allow you to plan out your meals in advance, or order them whenever you’re hungry so you can find some food whenever you need it.

Momscurry on the other hand, a Bangalore-based food delivery service offers plenty of pre-paid, pre-ordered meal options for people on-the-go, with the taste of home. Eating fresh and healthy is the order of the day, and all us nomads especially love the taste of home food. Their promise is… the food will remind you of your mom’s food.

You’re in no way limited by choice either. You can choose everything from scrumptious Chinese, delectable dal-and-curries to masala-filled Mughlai food! So gear up, and get your forks and spoons handy, there’s a food mela heading your way! Come on down to iKeva, Hitech City on 22nd April and try out some of this amazing food!

(Psst: iKeva Members also get exclusive discounts on TummyKart and Momscurry)

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