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Go Global & Be Omnipresent By Adopting a Virtual Office in India

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We are living in an era where the dynamic millennial workforce is highly ambitious. The millennial workforce wants to conquer a lot in their fields for which they need to be highly mobile. This is the time when the dynamic young Indian professionals are going global and the virtual offices are helping them to operate their business in a seamless and professional manner. Also, with the advent of the Digital India initiative, the large populace of India is resorting to digital mediums to conduct their work and for networking. As per the CBRE report, India has presently the second largest Smartphone user base in the world after China. The Smartphone users are expected to reach the mark of 650 million by the year 2019. In such a digital medium savvy country, the virtual offices are gaining rapid momentum. There are several companies from all across the globe which are vying to open shops in India to explore the huge Indian market and are increasingly adopting virtual offices in India to fulfill their business goals in India. Not only the global players but also the humble entrepreneurs & remote employees are resorting to virtual offices to achieve their professional accomplishments.

Here are the advantages of opting for a virtual office by which you can hold your banner high while you work from any part of the world.

  1. Omnipresence– This is one usual secret that several entrepreneurs adopt in order to test the waters in the beginning before taking a major plunge in a new market. For example, you have a well-set market for your business in South India but not present in North India. How about hiring a virtual office in Gurugram and try having a plunge in the North Indian market? The risk is minimal as the virtual offices do not come with long-term contracts and you may always leave without many hazards if you do not find the market to be suitable for your business. Thus, by adopting the virtual offices, you would be able to explore new markets at minimal risk.
  2. Well-manned reception– There are several instances when you face problems penetrating a new market due to language barriers. For example if your business is based in North India and you are trying the explore the markets in South India like Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, then you must be facing language barriers as your team would not be aware of the local languages of South India. So, if you are opting for a virtual office in Hyderabad, Chennai or Bangalore, then the receptionists in the virtual offices would answer to calls and queries that come for your business in the local languages. So, you can overcome the language barriers to a certain extent by adopting a virtual office in the region where you are planning to expand your business.
  3. Prestigious business locations– Virtual offices usually have prestigious business addresses. So, when you opt to choose a virtual office for your business, you end up choosing a landmark location. You can use the long list of advantages attached with a virtual office at a very humble cost as compared to the cost which is required to set up a private physical office for your business.
  4. Call answering and mail handling– When you opt for a virtual office, the administrators of the virtual office would take up the responsibility of handling your official mails and would also answer to the calls from your associates and customers. A board line number is being offered to by the virtual offices to build the much-required impression of authenticity.

The virtual office in India would bring in a lot of advantages and satisfaction with the different parameters. The first advantage of adopting a virtual office is that you choose a prestigious business address as your registered office which would give your business the very crucial reliable image. Also, you will not have to face the hazard of running from pillar to post to find out a physical office. A virtual office offers you a complete package which includes all the necessary office requirements.

Shifting your office to a building in the other lane also requires a lot of efforts. So, expansion to another city somewhat seems like a mission. So, if you are about to explore new markets or just starting off your new venture, the option of virtual office can be most apt to serve your purpose for sure.

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