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How do you Ensure a Fully Furnished and Collaborative workspace Exists in a Serviced office

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If you want to upsize your business or downsize it or want to start a new venture wholly, you might have a tough time deciding where and how to start setting up your own office. You may also be unsure about how good or bad the response to your new venture could be. Investing large scale into a new venture in these times involves a lot of risks. But how can you keep going on at the same speed when you want to become successful and flourish.Therefore, iKeva has also come up with its own version of what is called a serviced office. Serviced office is an excellent alternative to a private office. It is a multi faceted entity that provides all the features and entities of a private office minus its disadvantages and drawbacks like heavy investments, overhead costs and long term risks. 

Serviced offices were previously only popular among start ups and a group of freelancers. But now, its demand is increasing rapidly among Small and medium enterprises, conglomerates, multinational corporations and IT sector industries. It has made setting up and expanding business easier and less risky. But a serviced office Bangalore must make sure that it has all the amenities and features that include the professionalism of a private office and the vibrant aura and dynamic environment of a collaborative workspace. Ensuring that every member of the serviced office gets equal attention and that they do not face any grievance is the core organizational vision of the serviced office. 

Fully furnished office includes every minute detail from lighting to furniture. Ergonomic chairs are the need of the hour because of increasing after effects of bad posture like back pain and irritation in eyes. The lighting of the office must be well suited with the brightness of the screen. This reduces pain in eye sockets and does not let the eyesight increase. Office must include greenery and foliage to calm down the office setting and give it a tinge of nature. It reduces depression levels among employees and calms down the stress level of employees. 

The ventilation in the serviced office must be taken care of. Closed dark places tend to suffocate the employees and suck out the productivity and energy of the employees and make the environment dull and boring. To boost the energy levels of the employees, vibrant ambience and colourful interiors must be infused in the office. The allowance of more sunlight into the office campus has proven positive effects on the efficiency of the inmates. Moreover, the cubicles and the layout of the plan of the serviced office must be designed only after consulting the client company head. This will moderate the needs and necessities of the corporation to the map and amenities of the serviced office. 

For example, a few companies may require higher levels of privacy for their employees to focus and minimize surrounding distractions. On the other hand, a few professions require higher levels of collaboration and interaction among the group members for creative decision making, lateral thinking and multifaceted problem solving. The former requires booths and chambers that restrict communication and eliminate disturbance. While the later requires integrated desks to facilitate symbiotic relationships and increase communication both upwards and downwards the organizational structure. Therefore, a fully furnished office includes all this, besides an uninterrupted power supply and an even more consistent internet connection. 

Another feature that outlines all this is flexibility. In these times of global connections and distant networking, 24×7 access to working desks is necessary because of the vast differences in time zones. iKeva provides round the clock access to your desk 365 days a year to all its members. Another approach of flexible ideology that iKeva embraces is ‘pay as you grow’. Accordingly you don’t have to pay more than you use our services for. The agreement clauses are simple, clear and transparent. With no hidden costs, it’s easy for you to decide upgrading and downgrading our joint venture. 

More features that our serviced offices include are managed reception, phone facility, IT support including printers, projectors, mic and scanners and also a breakout area like a café or restaurant for recreation. Collaborative workspace is one that promotes harmony among inmates, facilitates discussions and interaction, minimizes competition and creates space for symbiotic relationships. 

At iKeva you will have a seamless experience, as you will get to start immediately at our fully functional and furnished office without getting tired before you even start. An ideal solution for innovation, growing and flourishing. We are so eager to become a part of your success story by not only providing a space over your head, but extending support and opportunities to our members. Visit iKeva today for a serviced office solution specially designed for you.