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Stress is always there at work, but how to avoid it?

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Excessive workplace stress often interferes with an employee’s performance and productivity. It not only impacts emotional balance but also upsets one’s physical health. Such great stress can sabotage projects and land an employee in a quagmire. The truth of the matter is that work, more often than not, involves stress, and sometimes a lot of it. But there are easy ways to handle it in shared office spaces and elsewhere. Read on to find out how:

  • Engage in banter:

Talking to your colleagues is the perfect antidote to stress. Face to face conversations with a good listener can work wonders. A lighthearted conversation with someone will help to calm your nervous system and relieve stress. Of course, your best mate might not be right across the room, but you can be more sociable with your coworkers and workers in your shared office space, and converse with them. For example, when you take a break, instead of focusing your attention on your phone or laptop, try engaging your colleagues with banter over a coffee in the lounge area.

  • Snooze and cough out some Zs:

Often, stress related to work scares the living daylights out of person. And this makes a lot of people miss out on sufficient sleep. As the standard 8-hour sleep might not be possible, it would be great to take a power nap whenever you feel a bit under the weather. In moments such as these it would be great to make use of the bunker beds in your office space. This will lift your spirits and you will be in a better shape to work.

  • Indulge in a quick game:

Most office spaces allocate an area for recreational purposes. Put this space to good use and head out for a game of table tennis or caroms or chess. Video games also relieve stress. These work like a charm and in no time you will feel ready to tackle pending tasks.

  • Take a walk:

Go out and get some fresh air! Walking lets your body do the work and takes things off of your mind. It also increases the oxygen intake, and will refresh your mind and appease your senses. This will make you feel fresh and fitter than ever and will allow you to have a better focus on the tasks at hand.

  • Take things easy:

Whatever kind of workspace it maybe – shared or otherwise, learn to take things easy. Ask yourself how the situation will impact your future plans. If they do no considerable damage, then there is no point worrying about it and stressing yourself out. Things will unfold slowly, give them the time to happen.

Next time when the stress monster hovers around you, keep these little tricks in mind and shoo it away forever!

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