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How To Get Back To Work Productively In Your Office Space After Holidays

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Monday blues aren’t an uncommon phenomenon. After a relaxing and fun weekend, it is challenging to get back to work, at least the first day. If a two-day weekend wreaks havoc on our routine, imagine what a long holiday is capable of.

That said, holidays are still the ideal way to break away from routine life spent in the same office space. There is no better way to unwind and have a good time, a scarce resource for many of us. While you may let go of everything during your few days of freedom, we can do with avoiding having it followed by gloom. More often than not, returning back to our office space can be cumbersome unless it is a serviced office space, where you find some events happening every time that gets you to ease with the work after your vacation.

Taking a break does refresh you but also leaves you wanting more. Whoever said that your productivity will increase after taking a vacation surely said it out of spite. There could not be any other outcome further from the truth. Most people often experience setbacks at work immediately after returning from long vacations. They may require a few days or weeks to get back on track and catch up with others.

It is human nature to desire life to be easy going. You must not berate yourself over desiring to run off to take a break. Author Tim Kreider once said, “idleness is not just a vacation, an indulgence or a vice. It is as indispensable to the brain as vitamin D is to the body and deprived of it we suffer a mental affliction as disfiguring as rickets. It is paradoxically, necessary to get any work done.”

Now, the only question which remains is how do we break the cycle of gloom? Is it possible to have a stress-free return to work after a long vacation? There are few ways to circumvent the obstacles and emerge a victor.

Here are a few tips to get back to working productively at your office space after the holidays.

Plan Ahead For Your Return To Work

The days before your vacation must not all be about planning for it, rather they must be about planning for days after it:

  • Jot down the tasks you are responsible for and categorize them based on their urgency.
  • Delegate stuff that cannot wait for your return.
  • Lastly, do not forget to set up your out of office mail and voicemail message.

All of this should help avoid getting greeted with angry emails on your return, or incessant phone calls during your vacation.

Leave A Day Gap Before Joining Work

While you may be super reluctant about winding up your vacation a day early, especially when you have an extra day off, it is this day that plays an essential part in resetting your mind. Coming back a day early provides you with the opportunity to let go of the holiday vibe since you will have to unpack bags, do your laundry, dust your home and plan for the next day. It will seem like a weekend and you will be mentally rewired into the work mode. Moreover, you may find slaving at your office space a better task than doing loads of dirty laundry.

Ensure A Good Night’s Sleep

Considering you were on a week-long vacation, there may be a long list of television shows you need to catch up on. It is advised that you postpone watching them for maybe a day more. Getting a good night’s rest will rid you of fatigue and refresh you for working productively the upcoming hectic day. In case you have trouble sleeping, drinking tea, or listening to music can aid you in falling asleep. If you give in to the urge to binge-watch television the entire night, you will end up regretting it in the morning.

Don’t Rush To Catch Up

You shouldn’t expect yourself to clear up all your work in a single day. Set a two-day or three-day limit for yourself to complete your pending tasks. You can arrange your tasks based on the urgency they require. It is also advised that you set up meetings for a day later if possible. Whether it is for official purposes or personal reasons, all meetings requiring you to break away from your organizing are best handled a day later.

The Final Note

Post-holiday blues will often trouble you, but it’s certainly possible to combat them if planned well. Fight the tardiness with caffeine perhaps, and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. While you address the temporary stress, remember to keep extra work at bay. Of course, working productively is easier if you have positive interiors and a vibrant community at your serviced office space with engaging events!

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