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Managing the most expensive asset for independent consultants

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Consulting is a thriving career. Cutting across a range of sectors and businesses, professionals are opting for independent consulting as a preferred choice of career and reaching out to companies who seek their expertise. While having an expert on board without hiring full-time works well for companies, for consultants, it’s the idea of working for different organizations and being paid for doing it.

Amidst all the closed-door meetings and ‘consulting’, managing things could become challenging. Though it’s a “one man army” brigade, consultants would still be required to have their business registered, run and manage the end-to-end of it. From answering calls, sending/receiving emails and documentation to picking up business-related couriers, not always can it be managed with ease. What is the way forward?

Also, when traditional office space in a prime location demanding a premium, minus the benefits and facilities a consultant could use to streamline his/her business, how can one setup office space and enjoy all benefits too, without paying the moon?

The Answer: A Fully Managed Virtual Office

The concept of a virtual office setup does seem like it was made for these independent consultants and entrepreneurs. Indeed it is. From providing a horde of value-added services to offering customizable solutions, a virtual office space is an apt solution. The key is, for any consultant, to focus on core business and leave the rest to a virtual office assistant.

We’ve compiled a few beneficial factors of a virtual office space, which will help independent consultants who are looking to set up their office space.

Business Address: A great location is everything. It saves time and money and a lot of it. Imagine: business address at a prime hub, located in one of city’s plush areas and comes in quite easy on the budget. Might well pass off as a fairy if not for a virtual office address. Yes, one can have his/her business registered at a business centre that provides virtual office solutions.

Answering Calls: Depending on one’s requirement, a virtual office answering service offers a dedicated facility wherein business calls are managed. By greeting callers on behalf of a consultant, a professional caller will manage all calls – inbound and outbound; plus, scheduling meetings and appointments. Go ahead and experience fully managed virtual office phone service.

Managing Emails: An email is an important mode of communication between businesses. It’s not practically possible to check and respond to all emails while you are busy working out a possible strategy with a client. A virtual office mail can be of great help during times like these. By making sure you’re not missing out on any important and business-related emails, a virtual office assistant will receive and send them on your behalf.

Everything Else: Clients insisting on meeting you at your location? No problem. The business centre has a meeting room with supporting audio/visual tools. Need to pick up courier on your behalf? Done. Want to drop by later in the after-hours just so you could work peacefully? Well, it’s open round the clock.

Your virtual office at iKeva!

At iKeva business centre, you can design your own virtual office support system to suit your business needs. A time and cost-effective option, independent consultants and stay-at-home entrepreneurs can now take advantage of the benefits at the ready to carry out their business with much ease and comfort. Be it a virtual office mail or a virtual office phone service, come find numerous possibilities and options with iKeva’s virtual office solutions.

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