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Meeting Room Etiquettes: Make the Right Impression!

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Despite how much you fret them, meetings could put you in front of your bosses and coworkers who you may not be dealing with on a regular basis.  This means that you would be evaluated on your conduct – yes, it must be just right!

To get a better idea of how to maintain a positive and professional image of yourself, here are some tips you should know!

Be punctual
Nothing can be right if you end up being super late to a meeting you were expected to take on. You don’t want to waste anyone’s time by not being punctual. Ideally you should be available few minutes before the meeting begins, which should give you enough time to make notes too.

Make introductions
If people in the room don’t know each other, be sure to introduce everyone before the meeting starts. Make sure you start with the person holding the highest rank. This shall establish your professionalism with the attendees. Don’t take too much time though!

Sit Correctly
Your body language place an important role in creating first impressions. Don’t be sloppy or clumsy. If it’s a sit-down meeting, sit comfortably and erect. Be sure to adjust your chair accordingly so that you’re at equal height with everyone else at the table.

Know when to speak
It is certainly not polite to interrupt someone while they speak, but sometimes you need to interrupt to be heard. Also, you must ideally keep all your questions for the end but if necessary, don’t hesitate to excuse yourself from asking something important immediately.  Read between the lines and understand when to speak.

Keep your Phone Away
It’s not professional to keep your phones on the table during a meeting. Even if you aren’t looking at it, even a tiny light or vibration on your phone can get distracting. Make sure you keep it in your pocket to not be the reason for someone’s distraction.

There are obviously much more things to consider while in a meeting. But by following these unwritten rules of meeting etiquettes, you are sure to put out a decently good impression.

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