Meeting Offices


  • 1.What is the capacity of the meeting room?

    The configuration of meeting rooms and boardrooms differ from one location to another. Our meeting spaces can easily accommodate up to 15 people. These could be either private offices or small meeting rooms or larger boardroom

  • 2.What is the minimum duration that I need to hire these meeting rooms for?

    You can hire a meeting room or a private office for as less as 15 minutes or even an entire day.

  • 3.Why should I hire a meeting space with iKeva?

    Our meeting rooms are well-appointed, aesthetically designed and equipped with necessary equipment. These meeting spaces are designed to provide the right professional image for your company, be it an interview or a business pitch. Plus, you can hire these rooms as per your need.

  • 4.How much does it cost to hire a meeting room?

    The cost of a meeting room or a private office or a boardroom varies from one location to another, and also depends on the size of the space along with the amenities provided. To know the costs in detail, Contact us today.

  • 5.How do I book a meeting room?

    To find out more about the availability and booking procedures of a meeting room or any other resource, Contact us today.