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A list of most annoying things that coworkers do and tips to handle them

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The coworking spaces are well-organized offices with world-class infrastructure. Instead of all facilities, there are some coworkers who have annoying habits which sometimes become a matter of concern for the other members of the coworking space. This is true for every office across the world that all offices usually have at least one of a few members with some of the other annoying habit.

The coworking spaces are usually occupied by diverse people and open office environments which is actually an amazing combination most of the times. You can optimally collaborate, innovate and create some great work together.  But then at times, even the smallest annoyances can lead to great irritation and some people may lose cool as well.

The last thing that you require to add to your already stressful and saturated work-life is added nuisances by the fellow workers. Here is a list of the annoying things that your coworkers do and some useful tips on handling these nuisances with ease.

  1. The excessively loud speakers – The noise affects the work lives of others in a coworking space. There are several members in a coworking space who prefers to speak loudly with others or over the phone. This ends up disturbing the others in a coworking space. A recent survey clearly indicates that 61% of the people who works in a noisy environment have lesser productivity.

Tip: You should avoid mingling with the gossipers and also the interrupters as a part of prevention. If this does not really bring down the noise levels, then it is time to confront the same and call them out. This may sound like a rude thing but over a longer period of time, this would be beneficial for your mental health and work life.

  1. Those members who can’t stay without food for a stretch – You may come across several coworkers who may like to grab a snack very often at their desk. Littering an open table with snacks and making them untidy is not a very desirable thing to do in a coworking space.

Tip: The coworking management should not allow the members to have snacks or food at their desks. There is a designated dining and chill-out zone/s in almost all well-organized coworking space. The members can move to that particular zone to have their snacks in order to save others from an unpleasant aura and also to keep the workspace cleaner.

  1. The coworkers who wear eccentric dresses – While there is absolutely no harm in getting dressed in a tasteful manner while going to work but wearing saggy trousers or a maxi dress does not match with the ambiance and aura of a workplace. This may irritate the other members in the coworking space as well. The best way is to feel comfortable at work and be properly dressed and maintaining optimum personal hygiene.

Tip: If you come across a coworker who is not presentable, it would be wise to confront them and make them aware of their plight. Once they are aware that their dressing sense is offending other people, they may opt to change it to a certain extent.

  1. The air polluters – If someone is using a decent cologne or perfume, then this would never be a matter of concern for the other members in the coworking space. If someone overdoes it, this may create a nuisance for the other members in the coworking space. Cologne can never replace bathing or maintaining the day-to-day normal hygiene routine. So, all people who operate from the coworking spaces should maintain hygiene routines necessarily in order to maintain their health as well as to prevent others from annoyance.

Tip: You should keep this in mind that one dab of three puffs is good enough to smell pleasant throughout the day. In case a coworker annoys you with very strong cologne, then you should politely ask him to use less of it.

The above discussed are the commonly found annoying things that the members can do in a coworking space. This write-up will help you in tackling such situations in a subtle manner without offending the ones who are actually creating all these nuisances.

You may share your stories regarding your similar experiences in the coworking spaces. You may write to us in the comment box below.

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