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Myths Associated With Co-working Spaces

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Coworking has indeed become the newest norm for those several newly growing & expanding companies. There are several new spaces that are opening every day & the established ones also expanding at a rapid pace, the overall phenomenon of coworking is developing really fast. Working remotely has become a trend and it has certainly proven popular perks with no signs of anyways slowing down anytime soon. However, this is true that much misinformation floats around regarding the new way of remote working. These myths are considerably responsible for preventing the founders as well as the employees from realizing the full potential of the coworking spaces. Here are the most common myths regarding the coworking spaces which are not true for sure.

Myth 1 – Coworking is suitable only for the freelancers

Coworking is most of the time perceived only for self-employed professionals. People say that people who are fond of freedom opt for coworking spaces and this is the only major reason for opting for coworking spaces. This is the biggest existing myth when it comes to coworking spaces as coworking space is not only for the freelancers but these office spaces have indeed become a major hub for several small as well as large companies and provide the space at a budget price as compared to the dedicated conventional office spaces. The big companies require the same level of flexibility in their office spaces in today’s world for certain teams and departments and they may feasibly require to contract or expand the number of employees. Only coworking spaces offer them the right level of flexibility.

Myth 2 – Coworking spaces are found only in the metropolitan cities

This is true that the trend of coworking caught up in metropolitan cities like Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai & Bangalore in the initial days of its inception but with due course of time, the coworking spaces have developed in the tier 2 cities as well. So, presently coworking spaces existing in the metropolitan cities are just a myth.

Myth 3 – Coworking spaces distract the coworkers as these are very crowded office spaces

Coworking space is usually occupied by several like-minded professionals & entrepreneurs who are generally hustling & bustling every single day. Many of them might seem to be bit distracting or overwhelming or at times right away annoying. However, when surrounded by dynamic professionals, you’re bound to expand your professional network extensively and being in the company of ambitious and versatile professionals will enhance your overall personal productivity.

Myth 4 – Every coworking space is similar to one another

Whether it is the amenities, location or members, coworking spaces usually vary from one another. This is always crucial to conduct some level of research before making a commitment. In case you are looking for cost-effective office space, then there are several co-working spaces in Bangalore that can provide you with the desired cost advantage. If your priority is to have more space that may be required for the right growth of a business, then you will find several coworking spaces to satiate your needs.

Myth 5 – The coworking spaces are usually small

In case you have planned tiny office space, you would be unable to use the resources you require in order to get the work done. Instead of opting for a small private office, it is a judicious choice to opt for a coworking space where several facilities can be availed within a cost-effective budget. The coworking spaces would have all the necessary facilities like scanners, printers, internet connectivity, central air-conditioning, free tea, and coffee and this is just a myth that the coworking spaces are small. All well-organized coworking spaces are absolutely spacious and have a prestigious business address which makes your business a trustworthy and dependable one.

This is high time that you stop believing in all the myths associated with the coworking spaces and start adopting it with an open mind and witness all the positive differences that it would bring to your startup or business.