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Flexible Workspaces: The best fit for your hybrid teams.

managed office @iKeva

The traditional office space is undergoing a radical makeover in the dynamic world of modern business, where adaptability and flexibility […]

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Why Are Serviced Offices So Popular? Here Are 7 Benefits

serviced office

Have you thought of conducting business with a serviced office? Serviced offices are a great option today. Thus, any business […]

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What does a perfect coworking space mean? Check out these 5 points

coworking space

Coworking spaces are open working areas where employees from all backgrounds work together to exchange knowledge and explore new ideas […]

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How to practice desk etiquette at Coworking Space

coworking space

Heading to a coworking space? Did you know that you can increase productivity by simply imbibing desk etiquettes at your […]

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Hybrid work – 4 ways to include your first-time employees

Co-Working Space Hyderabad

The radical change that has happened during the pandemic as reflected in various sectors is slowly getting accepted. People have […]

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How are coworking spaces different from traditional offices?

Coworking Space

People have more options than ever before when it comes to choosing an office space for their business. Businesses of […]

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Why are serviced offices popular with businesses?

Serviced Office

In a competitive global economy, time, money and effort are the three important elements in a growing business. Serviced offices, […]

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5 Ways that Coworking Space Enhances Productivity

Coworking Space at iKeva

Productivity is one of the most essential aspects that influence the growth of any organisation. It is difficult to attain […]

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How Freelance and Startup business are recovering after Pandemic

sanitized office space

The pandemic that took place in the early 2020, left people shocked and enclosed within their homes for months. The […]

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How iKeva Is Helping SMEs In Hyderabad By Providing Office Space

Coworking Space Mumbai

The expansion of the IT industry and the financial sector in Hyderabad has increased the demand for office spaces. While […]

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