Shared Offices are incubation platforms for breeding gainful networks

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Do you think a mere 500 friends on Facebook, thousands of followers on Twitter and those several thousand of Instagram friends convert you into a networking guru? This certainly is not enough to be a networking guru. These big numbers can probably make your digitally and socially active but you miss out big time networking in the real world. Networking in the real world is very crucial as these associates and friends will be with you at your ups and downs and you would be able to draw energy from them which would eventually keep you going in the long run.

Effective networking is about creating a fine fabric of personal contacts which would in due course provide you with the needed support, insight, feedback, information & resources. When you opt to choose a shared office, this is for sure that networking is a perpetual activity. When the professionals and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds work from under the same roof, they surely learn that they can be of help to each other in unimaginable ways which can add a lot of values mutually. In a shared office, there are regular interactions with the members and this lead to very strong relationships. These strong relationships often lead to many profitable and mutually benefitting partnerships.

Networking is indeed one of the most effective means of gaining and enhancing your knowledge and also let others know about your business. The more often you connect with your peers around you; you would be enhancing the possibilities of gaining more clients for your business. This is the reason why several countries organize the global startup competitions and international tech events which witness a major talent convergence. Those people who realize the significance of networking very frequently attend events, gatherings and workshops to get in touch with the people as they can.

However, there are several benefits of networking in a shared office space. In fact, you can start your networking in a shared office and this would take you a long way.

Major benefits of networking in a shared office

  • This interaction is spontaneous and not a forced one – The first and foremost benefit of working from a shared office is networking. This is a proven fact that networking is one of the inherent parts of the complete setup. In the shared offices, the professionals belong to different backgrounds and they often collaborate in order to achieve their different professional goals respectively. They often meet which eventually develops into informal as well as professional relationships. This progression is completely natural and this is not a forced one under any circumstances. The major motive of the professionals operating from a shared office is to achieve their professional goals and networking comes as a by-product. Thus, networking usually happens during the phase of working together and not because they are present in a conference or a boardroom where it is a protocol to exchange cards.
  • Allows sharing of skills – Apart from sharing of knowledge & building some fruitful relationships, the shared office spaces offer the companies to get access to all the available resources that are presented in a well-equipped business center. This is an obvious fact that skill sharing is one of the inherent characteristics of the shared spaces. While you are being a part of a community, the best way is to grow by banking on the available opportunities and learn from the flow of knowledge. When you are part of an active community, you get to know a lot of things which season you with time.
  • Ambiance positively influences connectivity – Networking turns out to be easier when you are in a soothing and relaxed atmosphere. The traditional offices have a static nature of workforce which does not provide enough opportunities for networking. The people in the traditional offices always have to work with the same set of people and this kind of setup is not very congenial for networking. People, at times, become skeptical about networking in such an atmosphere due to certain internal office politics. Shared office spaces are free from such constraints. The complete absence of formalities, hierarchy and job insecurity does not bog down the professionals operating from a shared office.

Most of the folks operating from the coworking spaces mumbai know how to network in the right manner. Networking in the shared offices is a low-key affair but yet highly rewarding. The more are the healthy professional relationships, the sooner will you be able to expand your business and horizons in the most effective manner. Thus, these facts enable us to conclude that shared offices are the best incubation platform for breeding gainful networks.