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Make Your Small Business Appear Larger with Virtual Office Space

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Functioning from the comfort of your home might be a viable option for those who are tight on a budget. But it comes with its fair share of problems. For starters, while you introduce someone to your virtually managed business, it puts them off instantly. The reason being, it sends off a wrong vibe stating that your business is not that well established to even afford a proper office space.

Following that, the second most common problem with the clan of independent workers is that they require legal documents. But cannot have them due to a lack of registered office space. Starting from a simple GST registration to registering your whole company, everything requires registered office space.

Most of the freelancers or new age business owners, who can function well from the comfort of their in-home offices can relate to this.

Now, a virtual office is a modern solution to today’s modern problem. And for those who are not aware of the concept of virtual office space. Then in simple terms, Virtual Offices are just allocated addresses to an individual or a company inside an already operational facility such as a coworking space or a serviced office space. They are legally accepted and economically viable alternatives to a physical office space.

But these virtual office spaces are not just limited to that. They come up with many more additional benefits that add to the persona of your business and boast grandeur. Some of these are as follows:

Mail Handling

You can receive your mails to your virtual office in Hyderabad while you are in some other location and get them stored for you. Now, any mail that received on your name at the virtual office address will be forwarded to your address at a nominal fee. In a few virtual office spaces, you can also mail back the documents to the facility which they’ll post back in your name using your virtual address only.

Initially, it prohibits others from getting to know your home address, which is the case with many independent works out there. And on top of that, it makes your virtual office into a functional one by adding this little feature.

Dedicated Telecaller Service

A dedicated hotline is registered for your business only. And you can divert all your business-related calls to the hotline for an initial response. After this, a telecaller will assist your customer in the way which you dictated. Eventually, forwarding the call to you only if deemed necessary.

This added layer of contact gives off an illusion that your business has an actual first response team. And only important calls are being forwarded. Unlike in the case of freelancers where everything from a simple inquiry to detailed business contracts is handled by one individual only.

Access to Meeting Rooms

What kind of office space it would be if you cannot invite someone over for a meeting inside your premises? This is the reason that even though the nature of office space being virtual, the owner receives perks such as complimentary use of meeting rooms inside the facility.

It again adds an illusion that you are quite well off and as we’ve mentioned earlier, adds to the grandeur of your business.

Personalized Workstation

Just like the complimentary access to the meeting rooms, you’ll also get a dedicated number of free hours at the facility to use a workstation. So, when you’re bored from your in-house office and need a change of view, you know where to head to.

This might not add to the illusion of grandeur but is a personal benefactor. After all, everyone requires a bit of scene change and a little personal pampering, right?

Now, whether you’re a freelancer or someone who runs a small company, you’ll be in need of office space at some point in time. If you’re to listen to a realtor who’s trying to sell you anything just to earn their bit of commission, you’ll surely end up with an office space that you’re not going to use for a long time. And it will take away the three most important things from your life that are namely your time, energy, and money as well.

But if you’re to shift to virtual office space, it’ll be set up in comparatively much less time. You wouldn’t need to worry about what you’re going to do with it. And most importantly it functions as a real office space under extremely nominal charges.

Additionally, you can be living anywhere in the world and function from big urban cities giving off a vibe of supremacy and help in the growth of your business.

Now, if all this does not make you excited enough to shift to a virtual office space then we’re not sure what might do. Oh! Wait, we have heard about some special offers going on right now, want to check that out? Click here.