From Startup to Big Corporation-How a Serviced office is ideal for growth?

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The goal of each business establishment is to eventually grow up and become a big corporation. One of the many advantages of opting for a serviced office is the advantage of the flexibility to grow. If you are opting for a serviced office, you can very easily opt to downsize or upsize which suits your growing goals. At a point when a startup or small business starts growing, there are possibilities of lacking in the resources in order to accommodate the pace of growth. The growth of a business can be either gradual or overnight. Especially when the growth occurs overnight, it becomes difficult to arrange for extra resources. In such a situation, opting for a furnished office can be a flexible and a cost-effective option. Also, at times big companies find it a necessity to downsize in order to prevent the business from sinking. The increasing or decreasing of the resources is not easy in a traditional office with lease agreement but it can be very flexibly done in case of serviced offices.

Kick-starting a small business is indeed very overwhelming but the one big issue that every new business deals with is the lack of enough resources for business support activities. These particular activities include several things like security services, cleaning, electric supply, the internet and building maintenance, etc. The cost of these necessities tends to increase when you opt for a bigger space. All these costs are bundled up in a fixed cost package which is beneficial as it is cost-effective, affordable and flexible. Here is a quick look at the perks and benefits of opting for a serviced office for any business whether a startup or a big corporation.

Unmatched flexibility

No matter if you own a startup or a big corporate business, the serviced offices very fruitfully provide businesses of all types with the desired flexibilities that are required for its growth. A serviced office very well provides the furnished and fully fitted workspace which are especially apt for the startups and SMEs. The serviced offices bundle and propose a unitary charge which is fixed and is usually on a monthly basis without any commitment of a long-term lease. The amount of the flexibilities attached to a serviced office to a certain extent depends on the office’s size and the different amenities which are involved in the space. This is certainly better than the traditional long-term leasing options.


When a serviced office and a traditional office is compared, then finding a traditional office is indeed half the problem solved as it is non-furnished or semi-furnished and there is a cost involved in arranging for the same. With a serviced office, the business owners do not have to be worried about the furniture, furnishings and office equipment as they are pre-fitted and there are also availabilities of IT support for telephone connectivity and video conferencing. There are also other areas which a furnished office takes care of like the reception staff, office maintenance, and adequate lighting. With a serviced office, all the necessities can be met and you can very well concentrate on your business which matters the most to you.


The serviced offices are usually located in the snagging prime business districts which do not come cheap under any circumstances. Keeping this perspective in mind, the serviced offices very well allow the SMEs and startups to have prestigious business districts at an affordable price. So, the startups can now enjoy the glory of possessing their business address at the most prestigious business district right from the first day of their operation. There are other conveniences of possessing a serviced office apart from the professional PO Box. The serviced office is well-connected by public transport and thus can be easily reached. The furnished offices are also surrounded by plenty of other opportunities like shops, banks, and restaurants which make the work life very easy and convenient.

The Budget

Serviced office spaces are ideal for those businesses which are on shoestring budget. This makes it easy for the SMEs and startups to remain well afloat at times of acute financial crisis. With the no break clauses and long-term leases out the window, the serviced offices do not create any financial burden on the startup entrepreneurs and teams.

Several opportunities to network

You necessarily need to network in order to grow your business. While you are opting for a serviced officeyou have a great opportunity of networking with the several other like-minded people who are operating from the same workspace. You have an opportunity of very mightily building beneficial mutual connections and also share the growing pains that every startup usually faces. Soyou would have a good support system in your workspace which helps you to grow your business well and eventually thrive to be successful in the long run.