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IT support for setting up a new office

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The last economic downturn witnessed numerous organizations opt for ‘strict’ cost-cutting measures. According to a McKinsey survey, nearly 79% of all companies took cost-cutting measures, but only 53% of them think that these steps helped to weather the downturn. While it is unfortunate for any organization to battle such challenging downturns, companies especially start-ups can definitely plan ahead to face any such untoward incidents. Instead of taking refuge to unhealthy cost-cutting, start-ups can explore some cost- saving alternatives.

While setting up an office, there are numerous aspects that need to be taken care of, which sometimes result in the expenditure being shot up by many folds. What takes up a considerable amount of time and resource is the entire IT setup of the organization. From broadband, fixed lines, internal server facility to numerous other functionalities, an apt office space solution involves numerous factors that need to be evaluated.

How about completely doing away with such a cumbersome process? Instead, you can explore plug and play office solutions that not only free you from the tedious process of setting up an office, but also present you a customized IT solution befitting your business!

Why plug and play?

The start-up ecosystem is dotted with myriad formulas that aim to make the job of an entrepreneur, a tad-bit easy. A full-fledged IT infrastructure which is affordable, customizable, and does not burden the entrepreneur with unnecessary monitoring, is what a plug and play office space offers!

A readymade IT set-up: A plug and play office gives you an established set-up that has the necessary IT infrastructure that a start-up needs. At a time when your business needs undivided attention, a handy IT arrangement can be a boon. You not only get your required infrastructure, but also a hassle free office space installation at a much lesser cost.

No hidden costs: Often while setting up an individual office space, entrepreneurs face the challenge of addressing unwanted hidden costs. These fringe expenses can prove to be heavy on the pockets as well. In a plug and play set-up, where you get an already established office outfit, hidden costs related to IT infrastructure can be completely avoided.

Customize on-the-go: A plug and play office gives you complete freedom to select and use the services you like. Setting up an entire IT infrastructure can be massively expensive. While in such a set-up you can filter out the services required, avail and pay for them!

iKeva plug and play offices are designed to provide the best of office space solution with an impeccable IT infrastructure that a modern day start-up might require. Crafted with precision and created for today’s entrepreneurs, the plug and play office solutions are apt for carrying out business with ease. Providing customizable solutions, iKeva enables its users get complete value for money for the services of their choice.

A quick comparison of IT expenses in an individual set-up vis-à-vis that of iKeva’s plug and play office, will give a clear picture of the benefits of the latter.

IT needs for my office startup

This comparative chart offers clarity to decision makers who need to weigh their options between plug and play office spaces at iKeva and a traditional setup. Apart from supporting your IT needs, we bring transparency that aids your decision making process.

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