The Way to Your Heart; Through Meditation

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Meditation programs are fast becoming common in corporate culture and, most major companies offer these programs as a way to make their workspaces a better, more productive and healthier environment for their employees. Even with the changing workplace trends, like the shift to coworking spaces or virtual offices, these programs remain an integral part of any company’s core culture. Since meditation has proved beneficial on the whole, to individuals as well as the company as a whole, we at iKeva, a workspace provider with office spaces across Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai have made it a part of our routine. So, we are hosting a meditation workshop at in Hyderabad, at our Hitech City Business Center and our Banjara Hills Workspace. Everyone in our coworking spaces, virtual offices, members who rent our meeting rooms and the people in our serviced offices are welcome to attend. Read on to find out more about the Heartfulness Meditation Program at iKeva.

It’s said that the path to enlightenment lays through the mind, and it may be true, but there are others who disagree. Like there are sects and schools of thought in religion and philosophy, there’s a school of thought that seeks to attain enlightenment and inner peace through the heart. Where there is mindfulness meditation, where one focusses on calming ones thoughts in a quest for peace, there is heartfulness meditation that seeks the ultimate state of being by meditating on the heart. The essence of heartfulness meditation is to focus on the universal love for others and learning to relax through meaningful meditation on what is described as ‘the divine light of the heart’.

The purpose of heartfulness meditation, like any other is to calm the mind and fill it with peaceful, love-filled thoughts as a path to enlightenment, or nirvana. There are a myriad of benefits that come with meditation; there’s inner peace, a freedom from stress and a calm, measured outlook on life.

Meditation has made its mark on the world and, has even been adopted by many corporate entities and other companies as a way to boost team morale as well as productivity.

Heartfulness Meditation has been an ongoing movement across the world since some time now, and has permeated the world with its message of inner peace and finding one’s own peace through meditating on the heart and the feelings it gives us. According to Kamlesh D. Patel, a renowned practitioner of Heartfulness meditation, our feelings play an important role in everything we do, which originate in the heart. The heart is our source of inspiration and meditating on it is a path to spiritual and personal peace.

Heartfulness meditation has many benefits, especially in a work environment, where stress levels are high, deadlines are constant and almost no time for peace. This form of meditation is popular around the world, and is quickly gaining traction in the corporate world as well. Heartfulness meditation has found followers around the world, with centres in many countries around the world like the United States, France and of course, India. Here are a few ways Heartfulness Meditation helps in a company environment:

  • Willingness to work: A robust corporate culture has been proved to improve employee retention, make them more amenable to attending on a regular basis. This can also aid in inspiring employees to take an interest in learning something new, as well as adding something in common for employees to talk about.
  • Personal Growth for Employees: One of the best ways meditation helps in a corporate environment is the way it influences an employee’s growth, whether it’s on a personal or professional level. Programs like Heartfulness Meditation are a great way to take care of an employee’s health, inspire them to improve their work effectiveness and minimize distractions like high stress levels, leading to a more productive office and work environment.
  • The Saving Grace: A popular axiom in corporate culture is that time is money, and another is that a happy employee is a productive employee. So, when an employee is not at his productive best, the company he works for suffers as a result. Here’s where corporate programs come into play. A meditation session like the Heartfulness program can help improve the mood of employees by reducing stress and as a consequence, improve productivity in the workplace, preventing a drain on company resources.

Well, there you have it; the main reasons why meditation in a workplace can work wonders! So, we are holding a meditation session at iKeva to give our employees, and all the wonderful people who work out of our offices a guided session in Heartfulness Meditation at our Hyderabad Centres in Banjara Hills and Hitech City! The event is open to anyone who wants to attend. So, please feel free to join us for a relaxing, rejuvenating and above all, heartfulness meditation session.