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Things To Consider While Returning To The Office After COVID

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The lockdown has been lifted long ago and work from home culture is slowly coming towards an end. It’s already time for you to head back to your old office if you haven’t already been called in yet. But don’t fret, you’re not the only one worried about things that can go wrong, everyone is.

So, in place of getting filled up with anxiety and think of ways in which you can skip your first day. What you can do is, educate yourself a little more. Now, by educating oneself, we mean to say that you need to be aware of the situation. Also, be ready to tackle any known issues that you might face.

 Problems One Might Face While Returning to Office

The primary problem is that there would be a ton of people around an individual. Hence, proper social distancing norms may not be followed and the risk of contracting increases. Continuing with that, there is always a threat, that among those around you, there might be someone who’s a coronavirus carrier. Now, these are the very first thoughts that might be in anyone’s head in such a situation, right?

Furthermore, the possibility of detection of a coronavirus carrier is a task that has even baffled the Governments all over the world. So, what are the chances that even if someone is a career would be detected? There are very few chances and your paranoia could be real.

But, wait a minute, haven’t you been going out for bringing in food supplies? Or that outside stuff is coming into your house for your consumption? Well! they might also have a chance of having a coronavirus particle that can similarly infect you, right?

So, even when you were working from home, there were high chances that you could get infected. Yes! Not just you but everyone is exposed to the threat of getting contaminated any which way. But, we all have managed so far and we can do it even now.

Earlier, we took care of the stuff we bring inside our homes by washing it or leaving it unattended for a while. Now we can tackle the current situation by following strong guidelines and keeping ourselves in check just like we did during the lockdown.

Precaution That Needs to Be Followed

Coronavirus is a unique virus that is fatal in nature. But can also be avoided by maintaining good hygiene and wearing protective equipment all the time. This is why the guidelines for someone rejoining the office are no different. Still, some extra ones are added, which are as follows:

  1. Use protective gear such as eye-glasses, masks, gloves inside the facility where you’re working. This decreases your chances of COVID-19 contraction to a very large extent.
  2. Always carry in with yourself a sanitizer. Which would help you in case you have been in direct contact with anyone and has no place to rinse off.
  3. If possible, wash your hands frequently.
  4. Make your work area neatly adjusted with instructions that no one should be tampering with it in your absence.
  5. Make sure your facility is equipped with sanitizer dispensers and having a proper mechanism for temperature checks.
  6. The common areas like the cafeteria and common meeting rooms which are usually present in coworking spaces should be avoided. But can be used if the facility is frequently cleaned and taken care of by the management staff.
  7. Shaking hands after a meeting should not be followed.

Office Space solution for Current Situation

There are a ton of things that might need your attention. But we can’t dictate every step of your day, actually, no one can. That is the reason for having a staff that takes care of hygiene, frequent cleaning, and other facilities along with keeping in check that whether or not people are following the guidelines, becomes very necessary.

Now, if you’re someone operating from a traditional office setup, managing all this might be very hard for you. Otherwise, for proper safety, you’d need to hire new people. And this adds to your burden in such trying times.

This is why shifting to a coworking space is the ideal deal for the current situation. Coworking spaces in Hyderabad, Mumbai, Bangalore etc. are equipped with proper facilities and are managed by professionals who make sure that every individual is under a watch. They are trusted because they are responsible not just for one person but for several other people functioning in the same vicinity. This adds a sense of responsibility and vigilance, which are exactly the two things needed in management in light of the current situation.

Also, the lockdown has been lifted due to the falling economic conditions which further increased the spread of the virus. There, it is inevitable to follow these guidelines or safety precautions for a long time to come. This makes the current period of time the most suitable for any business to make a shift to a coworking facility.

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