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Time to Take Freelancing Seriously!

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A Freelancer is often perceived as someone without a “real job”. Except, only who freelances knows the immense hard work, commitment, and dedication that goes into providing quality service and being able to afford the monthly bills.
Plus, there’s nothing more enchanting than being the boss of your work, all at once!

While some believe that there is no better job security than a 10 to 6, we couldn’t help but list out the reasons why freelancing jobs are more secure than full-time employment!

They make their own path
As a full-time employee, you are expected to push your limits for productivity and creativity, whether or not you like. The growth happens at a snail’s pace as it takes a slow climb to the ladder of the hierarchy. On the other hand, being a freelancer gives you the authority to alter anything that doesn’t suit your vision. With this kind of flexibility, you mostly end up earning a lot of money since its all under your order.

They can have it all and more!
What do you find attractive about a 10 to 6 job?
Stability of getting a paycheck? Or Being able to work in a fancy office?
But what if we tell you that freelancers can have all of this, added to the perks, such as liberty and flexibility!
Sure they need to go out of their way sometimes to make efforts, but once things are established, freelancing can get you the big bucks and a profound clientele.
As far as the fancy office part goes – renting out a coworking office or a desk is an option that most freelancers pick. Such workspaces are extremely convenient, economical and help you make that perfect impression. Check out iKeva for affordable co-working spaces in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, and Gurugram.

Freelancers can experiment & explore!
Being a freelancer teaches one to multitask flawlessly, along with gaining knowledge to master the skills. As freelancers are all by themselves, they stay educated, connected and associated. They build up their network and work hard to acquire more.
This enhances not only their personality as professionals, but is also beneficial when the economy is down. They have the freedom to experiment and explore their professional growth, which adds up to their market value for talent. While others are trapped in the 10 to 6 monotony, a freelancer hinges on to variety to staying in the business.

Freelancers lead a life that doesn’t depend on someone else understands how good or bad they are at work. Instead, they build their own roof, rise, and fall and pick themselves again only to grow as a strong, sharp and solid personality. It’s time we take a freelancer’s job seriously!