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Different Types Of Office Spaces That You Should Know

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Office space is where you carry out all the office tasks. Office space includes conference rooms, reception area, meeting rooms, drafting areas etc. There are various types of offices for businesses. Once you decide to start a business, the next step is to arrange for a suitable office for your business and that delivers value- for- money. For a small, medium or large organization, setting up a proper office space plays a crucial role. There are different types of office space that many people do not know. The following are a few of them you should know.

Traditional offices

Traditional offices are usually individual buildings owned or leased by a company. Usually, the lease period is more than 3 years. These are mostly unfurnished and comes as a bare shell. The companies should take care of everything right from electrical wiring to hiring receptionists. They should arrange new infrastructure, set up an internet connection, set up a cafeteria etc. Usually, law firms, financial services, or large companies prefer this to enjoy privacy. Large investments and much time is needed to get the space ready to work. But one can enjoy the advantage of designing the offices to their own taste and needs.

Coworking Space

Coworking space is a kind of office space where people from the same or different companies share the workplace along with all the utilities, infrastructure, cafeteria, administrative services, etc.

The shared office spaces offer all the facilities that have in a traditional office and even more at a nominal price. Along with a coworking desk, it also offers meeting rooms, conference rooms and more. Coworking spaces are majorly known for the community they have, where people can meet like-minded professionals. Community events and activities are the major advantages of coworking space.

Coworking spaces were previously preferred by freelancers or startups. Knowing the advantages of coworking space, now, medium and large enterprises are also showing interest in joining them.

Furthermore, the cost factor is enticing. Unlike traditional offices, most coworking spaces in Bangalore charge for what is used or gives options to rent what is required, thus giving more choices to save money. Besides, the agreements will be flexible, one can expand their team size as they grow.

Serviced office or Private office

Serviced office space also known as team office is a fully furnished or serviced private office dedicated to a company. All the facilities are taken care of by the office space provider right from the space maintenance through the infrastructure to the technology equipped enriching the work experience. This is preferred by some of the small, medium, or large organizations.

A serviced office is also called by various names such as private offices, team offices, flexible offices, executive centers or executive suites, business centers. These are usually located in the prime business locations or IT parks in cities.

As the offices are fully furnished with IT support, companies can move-in and straight away get down to business. Another major advantage with serviced offices being, organizations can choose to pay rent on a monthly or quarterly or yearly basis which covers everything vs bulk advances in traditional offices. The process is hassle-free with less documentation and low legal costs.

Virtual Office

A virtual office is a part of the office space industry that provides businesses with a combination of services like mail management, call answering, address for registration. It also provides additional access to meeting rooms, conference rooms, high-speed internet, coworking space, or private office space and technology (printing, IT support) saving the businesses from capital expenses such as owning/leasing office space. Virtual offices are majorly preferred by a freelancer or small business owner operating from a remote place. Some of the other services provided in virtual offices are providing a local phone number and a dedicated trained receptionist who handles all the administrative works on your behalf.

Home offices

The home office is all about working from the comfort of one’s home. It has its own advantages like zero commute time, no investment for office space etc. You can work from anywhere at your home. It has disadvantages too, like a distraction from family, pending household chores etc.

The lockdown due to the pandemic has made people work from home. But in the initial stage, adapting to it has become back-breaking due to the lack of ergonomics and the environment. As a solution to it, workspace providers like iKeva has given a new shape to work from home. This is a new ‘Home Office’, where iKeva provides all the facilities that are required for a hassle-free work at home like high-speed internet connection, power backup, data backup, IT support, desk, chair etc. Sound pretty amazing right! All this in just 40sqft area at your home.

So, here are the major types of office spaces. Should you need a serviced office, coworking space, Home office or virtual office, iKeva has got you covered. Moreover, we offer meeting rooms, conference rooms, rooms for the interviews, event spaces etc. also for rent.

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