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What are the different kinds of Events and Offers in a Virtual office space

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A decade ago, conference calls were the most advanced option we had of collaborating off a physical space. And it was done once in a blue moon when one of the colleagues would take sick leave or could not commute to the workspace. Now, technology has developed at a pace at which the remotest corner in the entire world can be accessed at a single click. Now virtual reality and augmented reality is the base of the data sharing and information technology (IT) sector, conquering feats that were once considered unachievable by the most genius beings on the planet. 

One of the most mind blowing developments in this field in virtual workspace. It is a technology based mode of working where interaction among people is brought about only through a network of internet connection and digital software and hardware. The group of workers are not together in a physical space but synchronous virtual working helps them to associate and correspond in real time. A company can hire a virtual office Mumbai space that allows the workers to log into their accounts from anywhere and start working. This has widened the horizons of distant working and enabled flexibility at work. But it does not mean that a virtual office cuts you off from the benefits you enjoy in conventional offices and physical workplaces. Some of the events and offers that you can avail in a virtual office space is as follows:- 

  1. Address at a prime location: Your corporation’s identity augments when your business card has a physical address and location at a prime hub in the city. This portrays a more sophisticated and authentic picture in your client’s minds, thereby making your organization more approachable. 

  2. Professional IT infrastructure: Virtual office isn’t as easy as thought. It requires minute planning and meticulous arrangements. Everything from internet connectivity to website synchrony has to be done carefully so that no important piece of information and data is lost. Besides providing a professional and reliable IT infrastructure we also provide devices and gadgets like desktops, laptops and printers to ensure hassle free mode of working.
  3. Reception and secretarial support: If by chance, any of your client or customer walks into your physical office address, you don’t have to worry  That your absence may project an image that you are careless or heedless towards your customers or a misconception that you do not value those who approach you. Our well trained receptionist responsibly handles your clients, pay attention to their demands and needs and relay them to you for fulfilling the purpose of your corporation.
  4.  Mail handling and courier management: A flourishing business many a times has instances where sending and receiving parcels and important commodities is required. And documents by Mail and Courier. Don’t worry if you have chosen a virtual office Mumbai ask your mode of working because we take care of all Mail services that you require. we carefully and responsibly receive your parcel and couriers on your behalf and keep them safely until they reach into your custody. 
  5. Customized phone answering: The most instant and easiest way that people generally use for reaching a corporation or an organization is by telephone. When you provide our number to your clients or customers or if the number is displayed on your business card then we provide the service of customized phone answering. By this we attend to your calls as per your wish and connect the call to you as per your convenience. We also have facility voicemail support if you aren’t available at that point of time. 
  6. Fax number for communication: Although many methods of communication are coming into existence each passing day but fax remains as one of the most reliable tools. Why would anybody procure a fax machine and a separate number if it’s not much in use. We allow you to use our fax number as yours for a quick and uninterrupted  communication.
  7. Complimentary access to desks: iKeva provided complimentary access to working desks as you enjoy this as a member of our virtual office team. When an employee requires to work from our physical office we are glad to provide them all those benefits generally enjoyed by in office employees
  8. Complimentary access to meeting rooms: Where or your drawing room does not suffice for an important professional meeting. We furnish you with providing meeting rooms on a monthly basis, with devices like mic projector etc for a smooth and uninterrupted meeting. 
  9. Events organized for and by the community: We host recreational and day out activities, while also celebrating important days and festivals. Occasionally, the members of our community also organize such events. Being a part of our virtual family doesn’t mean that you are cut off from us. You are always welcome to be a part of such celebrations and share the joy of growing together. 

All in all, the virtual office space is the ideal place for you to expand your business. An organization’s identity is as deep as its reach. By choosing a virtual office for your corporate you have the possibility to reach what isn’t reachable through conventional physical offices. Having described all the facilities and services provided by virtual workspaces, it’s time for you to exploit all means of harnessing the efforts and aptitudes of your employees while also giving them the best avenues and prospects. Visit iKeva.com today to get the best ala carte virtual office specially designed according to your needs at an affordable price. 

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