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what are the tips to build a fully furnished and well-crafted coworking space.

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Space is just a vacuum unless what fills into that space gives it meaning. And that filling must be meaningful enough to utilize every bit of that space. Now are the times when this fundamental principle remains the basis of the existence of the human race. As the population explodes, space starts seeming more and more congested. So space is as important a component in our life as is money and time. Of late, a new model of working, the coworking spaces in Bangalore have emerged. And without a doubt, it has become a commercial success. 

However, there are a few perks that make one shared office space better than the other. And in these competitive times, it is extremely essential to prove to a customer how and why your services are way better than those provided by the other innumerable coworking solutions. Here are a few tips to build a fully furnished and well-crafted plug-and-play office. 

  1. Ergonomic furniture:- As the millennials are advancing towards a lifestyle that is almost inactive, we need to modify the elements of this lifestyle to maintain our health. The furniture used at the coworking space must ensure that the posture is healthy and does not cause any loco-motor problems. 
  2. Infusing foliage:- A peaceful and tranquil environment is one that aids the proper working of individuals. It pacifies people and keeps mental stress at bay. Apart from adding value to your campus’s aesthetics and ambiance it also boosts an employee’s efficiency by regulating their mood. 
  3. Controlled noise and lighting:- Nobody likes distractions and especially not those people who have to direct all their mental energy into the work they do. Attending information becomes difficult when there is noise around. It irritates us and renders us unproductive. Therefore a well-crafted working space must eliminate noise and also adjust the brightness and saturation of the light so as to minimize the injurious effects of constant exposure to computer light. 
  4. Tech infrastructure:- A furnished space is not just one occupied by furniture but that is equipped with best class technological devices and computer apparatus. Since the world is now pacing towards an entirely digitized functioning, it is essential for a plug-and-play office to establish the latest software and hardware and maintain them in working condition. 
  5. Hospitality and concierge services:- Assistances like reception, telephonic and postal services are all those inclusions that make a coworking space more desirable. The sophistication of a coworking place impresses upon the clients that it is the place best suited to meet their needs of renting a space with lesser overhead costs and yet grants them the freedom to choose their own way of utilizing that space. 
  6. Flexible environment:- A well-furnished workplace plus flexibility is the name of a coworking space. It must establish the autonomy of its inmates and give them the liberty to choose their timings, mode of working,  hot desking, decorate their cabins, and also whether to work in interaction or isolation. 
  7. Opportunities of socialisation:- A coworking space is where people work.  This certainly means they interact with each other to increase their knowledge, brainstorm, solve problems, and compete amongst themselves in a healthy manner. The management of a coworking space must introduce personality development programs, outings, and celebrations of festivals to draw people closer and inculcate interpersonal skills. 
  8.  Nuisance and struggle-free enrolment:- Last but not least, a coworking space must be cooperative towards those who approach it for a long and fruitful association that yields mutual benefits for all involved. 

Although coworking spaces are enough to attract customers, the quality of services is what retains them as loyal customers. If you want a fully furnished and well-crafted shared office space that ensures long term satisfaction of your customers beyond just short-term temptations, visit iKeva’s office space solutions. We provide you an exhaustive range of services and amenities at an affordable price. For a hassle free experience of using a shared space like your own, even with more desirable characteristics, contact us now.