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What Not To Do In Coworking Spaces?

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More and more individuals and companies worldwide are joining shared office facilities. Therefore some missteps or awkwardness is inevitable. It’s also possible to avoid inviting oddities into your coworking offices by following these guidelines:

  1. Be a lone wolf

There are several advantages to coworking largely due to networking, mentor ship opportunities and keeping isolation at bay. You could reverse all these advantages by becoming a loner in a shared area. Do not miss out on the possibilities to interact, learn, and network at your coworking space in Bangalore by not attending any events or member conversations that are scheduled. In a coworking environment, socializing, networking, and cooperating with coworkers is a big part of the culture.

  1. Being loud (read noisy)

As much as you like mingling with others, you should keep in mind that the noise level of your conversations and the volume of your music or film may disturb others who are trying to concentrate. People who aren’t using headphones or talking loudly about their weekend escapades aren’t exactly what you want to hear while you’re trying to get some work done.

  1. Bring your drama to the table when it comes to business

If you bring your personal (or job) turmoil into a collaborative workplace, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Even though your coworkers might serve as wonderful sounding boards when you need to develop an idea, keep your talks professional and leave the drama at home.

  1. Either being unprepared or joining only after you’ve sorted out everything.

Working at a coworking office or coworking desk allows you to meet people more personally. They may lead to new business and allow you to share your ideas (both job and hobbies) with others.

Keep your messages focused, and don’t bombard your colleagues with sales pitches or personal announcements. Remember that individuals have limited time and attention, so you need to use the correct platform to get your message out there.

  1. Do not leave messes where they are

Keeping your workstation clean and helping to maintain the communal areas are two of the most important coworking etiquette standards.

You should never leave a mess for someone else to clean up in a coworking space that belongs to the membership community. Leftover food or trash from the previous day can be easily avoided. Always clean up after yourself and leave the space as you found it after you’re done using it (or better, even).

  1. Be the center of attention at all times

You will rapidly become known as “that person” if you like being the center of attention and always want to be the star of the show.

You have to act like a group member if you’re working in a commonplace. It’s important to be respectful of people in your environment. Don’t be the unpleasant neighbor that is persistent, talkative, and won’t take a hint. Be polite and respectful.

  1. Inappropriately occupying conference rooms is a common occurrence

Coworking spaces that require users to “book” a certain room for a specific length of time need to be accessible to a wide range of individuals. Do not insist on utilizing the conference room for longer hours than you have booked or damage the equipment. If you need to use the conference room, notify the staff well in advance so that they may make appropriate measures. And that too, without interrupting the schedule of others. 

  1. Take help without giving anything in return 

Make sure that your work together is mutually beneficial at all times. As a condition of gaining other people’s assistance and resources, you must be prepared to extend the same courtesy to them.

In conclusion 

In a coworking environment, these are the top 9 things to avoid. With a little  consideration and cooperation, it is possible to help create a more welcoming and comfortable environment for everyone. 

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