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Why Are Coworking Spaces Ideal For Hybrid Office Culture?

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In today’s scenario, when offices are turning to hybrid work culture, coworking spaces come across as a boon for entrepreneurs and decision makers. When we think of the word “office space” we usually think of 9-5 desk space, the constant ringing of phones, metal almirahs, cramped spaces, limited lunch break, no recreation facilities and total boredom. But all this was in the past, with traditional office spaces. But what if we told you that “office” could also mean meeting new people, surrounding yourself with a plush environment, engaging with a thriving community, and working in a relaxing environment? This is what coworking space is all about. With the growing demand for hybrid work culture, the demand for, and number of, shared office spaces has also increased significantly. To begin, let us define coworking and hybrid working.


Coworking is essentially a system in which workers from several firms share a common workplace. It differs from a traditional workplace in that workers in a coworking setting are not usually employees of the same firm. They are professionals from different industry verticals and different companies working under the same roof. This provides for cost savings and ease of work by utilising shared infrastructure and amenities, such as reprographics, utilities, refreshment services, and so on. Coworking spaces provide facilities comparable to those found in regular offices, as well as many more. Flexibility is a key difference between the two since you would not have to sign a long-term lease in a coworking space. Managed offices have a pay-as-you-use policy whereby you can upgrade or downsize your team according to your business requirements. With plush interiors and a vibrant community, a coworking space’s ambience is unmistakably different from that of a traditional workplace.

Hybrid Working:

When it comes to the “hybrid work culture,” it is exactly what the phrase implies. The notion of hybrid working is quite adaptable. Employees in a hybrid company often commute to the office a few times each week and work remotely or virtually the remainder of the days. You get the best of both worlds when you work in a hybrid setting. Aside from that, this working style gives employees greater flexibility, independence, and autonomy, which benefits the company in the long term by increasing productivity and overall job satisfaction.

Here is why coworking spaces are ideal for hybrid office culture

As the demand for hybrid working grows, so does the need for coworking spaces. With agile office spaces on rent available to decision makers, coworking spaces are gaining popularity amongst those who prefer hybrid working. One of the major reasons why working from home is not feasible is the isolation and distractions at home. Add to that chores, noises, power outages or network connectivity troubles. Given that working from home cannot be a permanent arrangement, and that you need an office setup where employees may come in and work occasionally, coworking spaces are suitable for businesses and individuals as they strive to adjust to the new normal in a post-pandemic world. No wonder then, that today, many businesses are switching to a “hybrid office space”, particularly in the aftermath of the pandemic.

‍Benefits of Coworking Spaces for your hybrid office:

Coworking spaces are not just simply a place to work. They also provide employees with the psychological benefits of seeing and connecting with others also. Here are some benefits of plug and play offices that work in favour of hybrid work culture:

Productivity: According to studies, employees who work in coworking spaces are 35-40% more productive than those in other offices. Employees execute their work more effectively and with fewer mistakes when they have a productive environment and a pleasant ambience.

Costs Saving: Remotely enabled enterprises or small-scale firms can save money on some of the costs associated with onsite business chores, such as overhead costs, housekeeping and maintenance, and commuting.

Remote access: With coworking spaces popping up all over the world, the opportunity to connect at any time and in any location is a big lure for professionals and entrepreneurs. As an example, working from furnished office space becomes much more manageable when you know there’s free WiFi, a comfortable workspace, and office necessities like printing and coffee are only a card swipe away.

Employee Satisfaction: Employees are no longer constrained behind four walls and feel free to work amidst a thriving community and swanky interiors along with opportunities for social interaction and leisure. It increases productivity among employees and ensures a pleasant working atmosphere.

Regardless of your professional requirements, flexibility is at the core of coworking, and you may tailor the hybrid working experience according to your team, organisation, clients, or creative endeavours.

In Conclusion:

Working from coworking space in Hyderabad as a hybrid office setting is a blessing because it allows you to work from the office without having to buy or rent a huge office space, furnish it, pay for equipment, Wi-Fi and other amenities. In contrast, you might simply call a reputed coworking space near you, secure a space for your employees, and have them move-in as quickly as the following day, for as long as your business requires.

As you can see, there are several irrefutable benefits to using a coworking space for your hybrid work style. Get yours today with a renowned workspace provider like iKeva. Present across Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Mumbai, iKeva also provides community and member benefits. Drop by any of the locations to reserve your place in the heart of a dynamic community.