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Why are Custom-Designed Managed Offices Gaining Popularity? Here are 10 Reasons

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The concept of personalized office spaces with custom designs has grown significantly in the current market environment. As a result, the standard 9 to 5 workplace has changed into one that provides flexibility, boosts productivity, engages employees, reflects brand identity, and much more.

The concept of managed office space has largely transformed how multinational corporations, startups, and freelancers perceive workspaces. According to JLL statistics, managed and flexible office spaces will occupy over 30% of all office space by 2030.


What are Managed Offices?

A managed office is a customized workspace solution administered and looked after by the coworking space provider, enabling organizations to concentrate on core functions and increase operating efficiency while retaining their distinct brand identity.

Often providing multi-year leasing possibilities, managed office spaces are a solution that proves affordable and flexible for many businesses. A managed workspace’s lower capital investment as compared to a traditional office space is one of its significant benefits. In addition, managed offices are either pre-built or can be specially designed from scratch to meet your specific business needs.


What are the Benefits of Custom-Designed Managed Offices?

Given the current global environment, hybrid workplace culture is the norm. By switching to personalized workplaces, and that too within plug and play office spaces, organizations may save money while also giving their employees greater flexibility.

Customized workspaces have several benefits for both employees and businesses. The following are some of the leading causes for an increase in demand for custom-built offices:

1. Possibilities for Customization

Customized office space includes modifying the area to the employee’s comfort. Every work area in managed offices has individuality, enabling employees to work efficiently. In addition, it encourages employees to organize the office decor, colors, and other infrastructure according to their specific requirements.

2. Flexibility in Lease Agreement

Rigid leasing agreements for traditional offices offer limited possibilities for negotiation. However, managed offices allow you to arrange a lease term, depending on the size and demands of your firm.

3. Top-Notch Facilities

You can obtain world-class amenities in fully equipped and furnished office space. For example, you might get complete access to a supervised reception, printing and scanning capabilities, restricted access control, and access to the lounge area in addition to essential amenities like power backup, security and surveillance, and high-end audio and visual facilities.

4. Data Security

Concerns related to data and information are typically negligible in managed offices. However, a business requires its own private and confidential IT infrastructure as it grows. By utilizing managed office spaces, you may access private networks and server rooms protected by specialized firewalls, enabling you to keep your data safe from data breaches and vulnerable malware.

5. Scalability

Scalability is essential for businesses that are expanding quickly and those with fluctuating personnel needs. Depending on your business type, the size of your office in a managed business center varies. You can customize managed workspaces with the number of meeting rooms or coworking desks according to your needs.

6. Easily Accessible Location

Businesses searching for a prominent location for long-term success and growth might benefit significantly from managed offices in well-known and premium IT or business hubs with Grade A or Grade B buildings. A strategically advantageous location is essential for an organization’s ability to reach new markets, recruit new investors, and future growth.

7. Personal Development of Employees

The development of customized managed offices also considers employee well-being. It provides employees with a change of environment and a place to relax with open spaces, colorful interiors, ergonomic furniture, biophilic design concept, and break-out zones. Managed workplaces also host community events in the office which can assist the employees in developing relations with each other, and networking, in general.

8. Cost Effectiveness

Managed offices take care of everything you need, including utilities, furnishings, and administrative tasks within the monthly charge, so you never have to worry about keeping track of office spending. Thus, custom-designed managed offices are the best option due to the control over office expenses.

9. Community Engagement

Managed workspace gives you access to fully furnished offices and the opportunity to interact with like-minded employees and investors from various industry verticals using the shared office space. From interactive speaker sessions to celebrating festivals, managed offices promise a vibrant and engaged community. Because of this, networking and mentorship opportunities for business executives are easy.

10. Building Brand Identity

Custom-designed managed office spaces create professionalism in workspaces that leaves a lasting impression on clients, customers and employees alike. So, the next time a client enters, you can impress them with how neatly organized the space is. In addition, you can design and pick the colors, layout, furnishings, decor, and other infrastructural needs for a managed office based on your brand values. For every business to succeed, having a workspace that conveys a narrative and embodies your brand’s values and identity is essential.


Quick Wrap Up

You can make the office spaces unique to reflect your business’s brand identity while still accommodating the needs of the employees if you have a customized managed office in Hyderabad. Shared office spaces for rent are adaptable enough to accommodate the shifting demands of various companies.

Companies adore these customized work environments in coworking spaces because they enable them to engage with a like-minded community while boosting productivity. Further, managed workspaces’ flexible leases, low capital expenditures, and scalability promotes a sense of ease.

You may take advantage of all these benefits and a committed, qualified team to meet your custom needs with your workspace partner as iKeva. In addition, iKeva is a reputed workspace provider offering a variety of community and member benefits.