Why Are Serviced Offices So Popular? Here Are 7 Benefits

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Have you thought of conducting business with a serviced office? Serviced offices are a great option today. Thus, any business owner or decision maker needs to know about its benefits. You might think that serviced offices in coworking office spaces have higher monthly rentals, but before you finally decide, you need to look at the benefits they provide. They are becoming popular for a reason. In the long run, this is a cost-effective solution that suits your specific business needs and provides flexibility.

Let’s weigh it all.

1. Premium locations

Serviced or managed offices are usually located near prime business hubs and are easily accessible too. You can easily get public transport to go to the workspace due to the excellent connectivity that they offer.

2. No long-term lease

Conventionally, you would have to lease an office for three to five years, but a serviced office in coworking spaces is available for short-term duration as well, such as three months to one year. Serviced offices are available in different styles and packages. This gives you a lot of flexibility and will help you to decide whether to have an office space on rent in a business centre.

This would put you at ease even when you have to upscale or downscale your team. You can change the size of your office space if your firm is growing or downsizing. So, you get to expand or contract office space according to your needs.

3. Move to a convenient location whenever required

With team offices, you can even set up your office in different locations within the city or different cities. So, you can decide on a location that is convenient for your team, and also where you can reach out to your potential or existing clients.

4. All on one bill. No extra costs for maintenance and administrative staff.

Typically, you would have to pay separate bills for different services, which can cause a lot of headaches. But with furnished office space, you do not need to pay differently or even bother about hiring staff for services like security, housekeeping, and maintenance services. You pay for all the services you get, as they come in one package.

You need not spend time and money on supervising your office. As these expenses are covered in the monthly rental fees of the plug and play offices, you need not worry about administrative tasks. It will all be taken care of.

5. Availability of conference halls

For the conference halls that you need for merely 5 hours a month, you need not pay rent for them. You only need to pay-per-use.

With traditional offices, you end up paying for oversized office space to accommodate conferences, which is used every once in a while. In comparison to coworking spaces, you can book a small space, without any need to maintain it.

6. Ready to move office set up with all amenities

You can save yourself all the trouble of setting up your office and getting all the needed amenities. You do not need to spend time buying office tables, printers, office supplies, cleaning supplies, etc. Serviced offices are fully equipped, which means you need not worry about a thing.

As all the amenities are provided and the office infrastructure is already set, you require much less overhead to start working in a fully functional, professional office. Transitioning into the new office thus becomes smooth and hustle-free. You only need to get your essentials into your new office.

On the contrary, when going with traditional offices, getting all the amenities can raise financial concerns and require time.

7. Opportunities to network

Amazing things happen when you meet the right people, in the right place. Because different companies across different industry verticals are housed in the same building, you will have more opportunities to network with different people.

Summing it up

As we have seen above, serviced offices equip you with fully furnished office space and many amenities. What else do you want?

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