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Why Custom-Designed Managed Offices Are the Best for You

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A recent study predicts that plug and play office spaces will occupy 30% of all office space by 2030. Among coworking spaces, the idea of managed office space has altered how businesses view workspaces. Managed offices have risen in popularity among businesses, especially in the last five years. The idea of retaining one’s brand identity along with a touch of networking in an office space that ultimately increases productivity has sparked the popularity of serviced office spaces.

What exactly are Managed Offices?

A managed office is a built-to-suit office space supervised and maintained by a third-party operator, allowing businesses to focus wholly on essential functions and increase their operational efficiency.

These workspaces combine the agility of a flexible office with the privacy of traditionally leased offices. Companies from a broad spectrum of industries are looking for this custom solution to reduce costs and broaden their reach since it offers greater cost transparency, faster time to market, and higher business agility.


Benefits of Managed Offices

Traditional offices or even coworking spaces typically offer very few possibilities for customizations and modifications, failing to uphold the culture and character of an enterprise. At times, firms express worries about privacy and security issues in these shared office spaces and even note that employee productivity sometimes drops due to outside interruptions.

Managed office spaces offer a private space for people to work together and a breakout zone also to take frequent breaks from their desks. Additionally, there is a reduction of employees’ stress levels by networking possibilities with other companies. However, the privacy of your own office space is not compromised even with the proximity of your workspace to common areas such as pantry, breakout rooms and recreational areas.

Here are a few factors to consider when deciding whether a managed office in Bangalore is preferable over a conventional office space or a coworking space:

1.      Flexibility

Traditional offices provide little to no room for expansion, particularly for those companies that are likely to scale. Managed offices allow you to expand your space for your dream team office, depending on the size and needs of your business. So, whether you have a flexible office culture or completely on-premises requirement, a business can have a flexible workspace that can quickly widen or reduce without complexities while still receiving highly tailored services backed by experts.

2.      Security

Companies cannot exaggerate the importance of IT system security in protecting business centres from cyber threats or intruders. Managed offices protect your IT technology infrastructure with advanced physical and digital protection modes.

In addition, workspace providers offer 24×7 security and surveillance along with restricted access to safeguard your workspace.

3.      Well-Connected Location

Managed offices in premium and easily accessible IT or business hubs can help immensely for businesses seeking a strategic location for long-term success and expansion. Well-connected and premium location is critical for assisting organizations in attracting and keeping the best industrial talent, expanding globally, bringing on new investors, and long-run operations based on current trends, not to mention creating a lasting impression on clients, customers and employees alike.

4.      Facilities Management

With fully managed and furnished office spaces, you won’t ever have to be concerned about office management or maintenance again. The organization can concentrate on its core business operations and expansion possibilities by equipping workspaces with ergonomically efficient furniture, administrative and maintenance services, housekeeping, security, and IT support.

5.      Empowerment of Employees

The design of office space for rent emphasizes the enhancement of productivity. Even with the availability of flexible workspaces, today’s business centers have made employee well-being their primary goal. Furthermore, with groups of other organizations working under the same roof, managed office occupiers have plenty of networking opportunities too. Employees are guaranteed a warm ambience and a place to relax with open spaces, colorful interiors, and breakout zones along with a functional and aesthetically designed office space.

6.      Beyond Tech-enabled Spaces

You can find tech-enabled spaces in managed office spaces and a dedicated area for your company’s activities. The tech assistance goes beyond just providing firewalls, secure internet connections, and an IT infrastructure.

Additionally, businesses can access dependable software that facilitates streamlined guest control, space management, booking management, and analytics that companies can use for increased security and accessibility.

7.      Customizability

Getting a managed office means you have complete control over nurturing your brand culture, creating employee-centric designs, selecting the infrastructural requirements, and providing an ideal working environment for all your stakeholders.

Organizations can concentrate more on their main activities when design, color, comfort, and brand identification are balanced appropriately. Hence, choosing a managed office space frees companies from restricting their companies to the existing surrounding.


Quick Wrap Up

Premium-managed offices are changing the office market and giving businesses the workspace, they need to concentrate on their core operations and spur growth and development without having to worry about office management, administrative tasks, or capital outlays. As office culture fluctuates towards a hybrid culture, managing a traditional office can become a burden. As said before, managed offices can be a successful solution for growing businesses.

As a company expands, it becomes more important to have a space that starts to feel like it belongs to you with customization per your needs and branding. That’s why reliable managed office space providers like iKeva that also offer community and member benefits, is the right place for you if you value cost transparency and business agility!